Thursday, September 23, 2010


You all watch T.V. right? E.R., Grey's Anatomy or watch movies like John Q and other health institution related shows. You all know that at one time or another there are the practice drills for bomb threats and intruders and something always inherently goes wrong? Well  our family experienced something similar but all WENT well. There is nothing like a text message earlier in the day from your husband indicating they are sweeping the hospital due to a "bomb threat" to get the juices flowing.  You remember in times like these that being calm is important. Though you are not there you are now  in the know so how you react is also important. That happened last Friday. It was 6:29 pm and Byron has now spoken to me on the phone indicating the hospital has called and "all clear" and he is on his way home.  At 2:30 pm I was unsure what our evening or weekend would look like when I received the text from Byron stating he was going to be late this evening due to the threat. He was clearing each of his areas.  I immediately went online looking for "BREAKING NEWS" but nothing. This was either very good or bad. Maybe it was a surprise practice drill for the hospital. I texted Byron indicating that we love him and to be safe. I love you was stated all around. It might be real and not a drill. A few text messages a lot of silence in between.

I left work early in order to spend time with Ty and remove myself from work.  Thoughts of worry certainly enter your mind in these situations because you never know.  The press has been instructed not to air the information by police and staff. But all ends well.

WHEW just thankful to see Byron, to continue to have him and his presence in our lives!

Friday, September 17, 2010

We've reached the pedals!

Today was extraordinary and for special reason. Today was the day that Ty used his tricycle pedals and rode his tricycle around the garage! He looked like such a big boy and proud I might add. He even decided to put on his helmet.  He spent 30 minutes telling me about the pedals, and asking me to watch him (though I was already). We celebrated this little milestone by cheering, clapping and he even gave me a hug! Next it is on to a bike.

Lately Ty has been using different words in his language, physically demonstrating his kicking and throwing skills and always amazing us at every turn.  I am proud of my little man!  I hope to post video soon.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Evolution of Coffee

This morning's cup of coffee is much needed.  I think getting used to the busy schedule called LIFE has been a rough one for me this year. Although I will say it hasn't deviated much from what Byron and I have been doing for the past two and 1/2 years with little sleep.  There are days when I think I should give up drinking coffee and others when I say, "you must be on crack!"  That is my crutch for sure.  If nothing else a treat, habit and my time. There is nothing better than a good cup of hot coffee to start your day! The aroma... the taste... the touch the feel of cotton the fabric of our lives.... Oh sorry I digress.... ha ha ha.

I was trying to remember the first time I new about coffee or when I first  began to drink coffee. I know it was early on in my either preteen or teenage years. Certainly in high school it was important.  I remember I was just like my brother Mike, dumping mounds of sugar into black coffee with a splash of milk. I believe the brand of coffee might have been MJB Coffee (the big can) or some other generic brand of canned coffee. Then I moved to putting a packet of hot chocolate into my coffee in order to replicate a mocha type of drink.  It wasn't bad however, the best parts of working as a teenager and the best part about working at a theater was I could have all the espresso drinks I wanted. Boy howdy. I remember feeling buzzed with caffeine all day long with the number of shots, flavors and what have you.  GOOD TIMES..

There is a point to my rambling and that is ... Ty is at the stage where he needs to do things like his mother and father do.  We order a coffee from Starbucks, he must order a coffee from Starbucks (really a kids hot chocolate that he calls coffee. He has to be part of the group. He is growing up. Each day he surprises me with something new, a new phrase, word, sentence, action, showing feelings such as empathy, potty training. He makes us smile, laugh, chuckle to ourselves when we know we are not supposed to laugh.  

There are days that I wonder what it will be like in 5 and 10 years with our little Ty man.. and then there are days I go back to drinking my coffee only to enjoy the moments and adventures we have that are daily and hourly because these times will go by quickly!