Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A New Year never too late!

Hello all my fellow followers...

It has been relatively a long time since my last posting.  A lot has taken place.. We helped Ty to celebrate his 3rd birthday with a snow party for friends, and a family party the day after. Ty has been potty trained with an accident from random time to time. Such an accomplishment.  We have listed our house on the  market and the opportunities are endless as to where we might land.  We have paid our property off and are  making plans for our next big project.

First off Ty had a wonderful time celebrating his 3rd birthday.. yes I said 3rd birthday.. Oh how the time flies. I spent a couple weeks in preparation for the big day.  I worked with a few friends on securing a snow machine which we ended up not needing. I shopped some closing Party Depot sales and gathered up many snowflake decorations. I made cupcakes, and homemade hot chocolate, and put together little snow treat bags. But really the major focus of the party was the actual SNOW! Yes I mean SNOW.  Byron and a few guys pulled off the biggest task.... they brought back two truck beds full of snow from the mountain and unloaded it in our back yard.  The kids loved it..

This was the easiest birthday party for me. The kids entertained themselves! They played with sleds, threw snowballs, dug with Tonka Trucks and rolled in the snow! Cupcakes and Hot Chocolate were a hit as well. Happy Birthday for sure!

It is amazing. A light switch turned on once Ty turned 3.  We have been potty training for over a year. Ty decided that is what he wanted to do and so we followed his lead.  It wasn't until he turned three that we really didn't put a pull up on. Now we have too many pull ups.  It is amazing.  He even wanted to wear big boy undies to bed.  I think I was more worried about the accidents than he was. In fact we have only had 3 night time accidents since he has begun wearing big boy undies to bed.  WOW so proud.  Ty has even decided to tell us when he needs to go and demonstrates his independence by telling us to stay where we are at while he goes into the bathroom.  It seems so easy.  But in hind sight it has been a journey.  Potty training is not really training children but more like training the adults.

After many bids from 5 different professional builders two of whom we would love to work with in the future some time..but certainly not anytime soon, Byron and I decided to list our home on the market with a realtor. Byron and I spent Ty's birthday weekend remodeling a bathroom, entertaining two birthday parties and purging items from our home to get ready for a showing with many agents the following Tuesday.  WHEW we made it.  Now we have spent the past few weeks keeping the house clean, and ready for a showing at anytime.  We have had a few bits and are hopeful but realistic to.  Where are we going you might ask?  Well that is up in the air.  Byron and I are cautiously planning our next location. So to be determined at a later date.

So that brings us up to speed. We are enjoying watching Ty continue to show us amazing new things, be rowdy, and demonstrating his dramatic side.  Sometimes that includes three year old fits.. Boy I tell you.. two was a walk in the park but three is worse.  We are optimistic though that this too shall pass.. and that we will all be the better for this part of the journey. Until next time.