Friday, February 6, 2015

A lot has happened

A lot has happened since my last post, since we rang in the new year! 2015 has already proven to be one of life lessons and reflection. Every day there are life lessons to learn if we listen and sometimes those lessons are much more blatant and in your face that what you would like, but that being said lessons and simple reminders that cause me to pause and take note.  I have encountered  celebrations and loss. I have been inspired by others big and small, old and young. I have met new people, and encountered bizarre situations. I have enjoyed watching growth too!

Let me try to take a minute to explain.

My son turned 7! (I KNOW SEVEN)  It is truly hard for me to believe.  SEVEN.. Wow! It is a true statement that kids grow so quickly and that whatever you can do to enjoy every single moment of that growth is well worth it.  I have been fortunate enough to see Ty grow and develop into a smart, funny, caring and empathetic young boy.  I have seen his academic success and struggles and I have learned about him through that process.  I have seen the way he cares for his younger brother but also strive for independence.  I have seen his tenacity, and desire to build lasting friendships (he sure is social).  I love hearing his laugh and listening to his stories he shares.  He is beginning to ask great questions, and loves to be read to about random things (facts really).  He surprises me with some of the knowledge he acquires around inequity in the world and shares stories of faith too.  So we celebrate.  Unlike many other birthday posts that have preceded this, I did not plan and execute a party where there were matching napkins, prizes, d├ęcor and cake.  Rather this party was all Ty.  He wanted what he wanted (and honestly I did not mind).  There is something to say about no clean up and less stress and a place where kids are allowed a little bit of freedom. NO Ty chose to have his party at our local Pietro's Pizza parlor (which was great because for us adults there was beer on tap) and enjoy the many games that the game area offered the kids.  What a great party!  Of course we had a low key family party the next day where we enjoyed root beer floats and each others' company.  Ty is 7.  I took a moment to write a letter to Ty. I place these letters in a keepsake box for my kids for them to read handwritten notes and letters from me about their lives. I am not sure when I will share them or if I will.  It might be something they will find after I am gone (unless I change my mind). 

Celebrations have been happy and sad for us.  Recently my husband and I suffered a shocking loss of a friend and co-worker. It does not compare to the loss that his wife has endured and I certainly do not pretend to understand or even know the void that she and her kids must be feeling.  At 41 our friend passed away due to heart issues.  What is most shocking about his loss of life was that Bill was one of the most real "gentlemen" I have ever met. His work ethic was insurmountable, filled with pride and he was a genuine human being. He had a remarkable way with students, and had a funny sarcastic dry sense of humor.  He was the most humble man I  have ever met.  Truly someone who inspired others to do great things. He was a gifted person in all areas of his life.  His passing and the passing of another young man recently have really put our lives in perspective.  Byron and I are truly trying to walk the walk and talk the talk.  We are open to all experiences with our family and are not taking any of those for granted. 

I often wonder about my own death, my own celebration of life (odd I know) but the reality is that we all will pass at one time or another.  I can only hope that the decisions and choices I make today will support my family, my kids and help them reach for greatness in their own ways.  Maybe I will begin putting ideas and words on paper to my loved ones. Or maybe I will just embrace each day and say the things I mean and mean the things I say!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Welcome 2015

This year I welcomed 2015 by falling asleep early and waking up to hear the sounds of our neighbors firing cannons, and letting off fireworks. A great way to ring in the New Year!  Instead of making my traditional resolution to loose weight, or better myself in someway, I decided to be present in everything that I do.  What I mean by that, is to be so organized that I can enjoy those little moments with my kids, enjoy the big moments life has to share, and continue to be comfortable with ME!

This year has been quite a year! It has been filled with celebrations, lots of change and a new found respect for living and being honest to MYSELF.  It is sometimes hard to take time out for yourself, especially as a mother.  I work full time outside of the home, I am the parent club president for my son's school, I coordinate fundraising efforts, work out, play with my kids, tutor and so, so, so, much more.  One of my own faults is to take on too much.  I rarely say no. 

BUT WATCH OUT I am OWNING my NO this year. 

It is great to be busy and feel like you are fulfilled.  It is great to be able to feel the accomplishment.  It is also wonderful to relax and just kick back.  Well 2015 I am doing it!  I am staying true to myself, I have goals, I am kicking back and enjoying stuff and I am going to rock this year!

Happy New Year..  Enjoy 2015!