Friday, October 28, 2011

Dirty Dishes....

This song was shared on Facebook yesterday by a friend of mine! As I listened to the song I was reminded of all the things I am truly thankful for! As a woman I am thankful for my education. I am thankful for a wonderful husband, blessed to have one beautiful and smart child, Ty and blessed to be able to have a second child in just a few short weeks.  

I am reminded that though there is pressure to keep the house clean, I am thankful for a home! I am thankful to have things inside the home and outside of the home. I am thankful for a job, income and insurance.  As we face a very uncertain future for our kids and ourselves I must pause and give thanks.  So I am each day going to focus on  one special thing that I can give thanks for or to for the next month.

This is a great idea that I also picked up from another friend of mine on Facebook.  My challenge to you is to self reflect for yourself on the things that you are truly thankful for and publicly share that for 30 days.   If you need a reminder of what I am truly thankful for listen to the you tube music I have shared within this blog!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

It has been a while since my last post... In fact I have written a few posts that are still in draft form awaiting pictures but never completed that particular process.  I guess it is because priorities have changed. Life happens.   We are three and 1/2 weeks or so away from meeting our little addition to our family Caleb Edward Williams.  I am getting super excited and anxious to meet him, see what his personality is like and to see how Ty reacts.

Ty is still loving school and making great strides. He is working on his phonic sounds with a ZOO Phonics curriculum that I hear him repeat over and over while he is playing here at home. He continues to amaze us daily.  He has his routine at school down as a three year old so I guess we are good to go for the four year old preschool already one leg up.  He recognizes the letters of his name and writes a wonderful T... the Y portion of his name is slowly but surely coming.  So proud am I as a mother!  We do our phonics homework each week and have him read or be read to each evening (which reminds me we need to fill in his pumpkins on his sheet for each of the 5 minutes of reading we do).  What a great age.  In January he will turn 4 years old.   Wow how the time flies.

Recently we have been fairly busy with two baby showers a third on the way and visiting with family in Vancouver or Battle Ground.  As I said Life Happens.  This week I am packing a bag for the hospital and packing a bag for Caleb for the hospital. Next week is the last doc appointment that has been scheduled for every two weeks and then it will be weekly.  We are still awaiting confirmation from the doctor as to which day we will be scheduled for our C-Section in November.  We are hoping to know soon so that we can schedule the rest of life to happen that day and so that we can manage the introduction of Ty to Caleb (which we want to be a private moment for our immediate family).  Well as I said... Life Happens and we take things one day at a time.

Pictures and other things to follow on this blog at another time.