Monday, June 6, 2011

O.M.G. Time Flies...

Things have become a bit hectic since the last time I blogged! Since the last post on Feb 22nd, 2011 my family has sold our home, purchased a new home, found out we were expecting, turned down job offers and have been settling into our new digs. What a crazy hectic life.  We have had many visitors (namely family) which keep our weekends fairly busy, we have been continuuing to unpack and move in, as well as refine how and what we have.  Byron and I continue to work and try to plan some family fun time and prepare for our upcoming summer adventures. 

A Ty update... He is no longer attending day care for the remainder of the June month as his day care provider had a job literally fall into her lap with the Church in Mt. Angel.  Though he asks daily about going to Meg's because he built wonderful realtionships with his friends there we are thankful to make the change early.  He is getting bigger now. He is funny still, loves to laugh and loves to push his boundaries as most kiddos do.  It certainly keeps Byron and I learning patience and supporting him.  He is certainly an outdoorsman.  He would live outside if he could.  His favorite things currently are to go to the "New" park as much as he can, rid his bike with training wheels, dig and clean and do yard work with his father and myself which is great because we have tons of that to go around. He is super excited to have a baby coming into our lives.  His tender side shines through when he speaks to the baby in my belly, kisses my belly and says I love you baby.  He is certain tha twe will have a girl however, we don't know yet.  So I hope he enjoys just being a big brother.  I know he will be great!

Byron and I are super excited to have another young person come into our lives.  We have been blessed with one and now a second.  We couldn't ask for anything accept another happy, healthy baby.  Baby Williams is due November 14th, 2011 just in time for the holidays and break.  Makes leave options that much better.  We are healthy so far.  17 weeks along today! Healthy heartbeat twice heard now. We will have an ultra sound later this month or in early July.  Just depends on schedules.  Again we are super excited and now we have a larger home to share with our new little addition!

The move was crazy and hectic and now mostly complete.  We had to be out of our old home by April 17th palm Sunday at 12:00 (Noon). Which really meant we needed to be able to get into our new home on Friday teh 15th for a whirl winde move!~  We were not sure if we were going to be able to do it all.  Thankfully we were prepacking for a week or two earlier into a storage unit and were moving essentials that evening.  We also were blessed to have many family members from both sides of our family helping us out as well as friends.  We were so blessed that we MOVED EVERYTHING into or new home by Saturday night!.  The storage unit was cleared out and cleaned up! The old home was cleaned and waiting for the new owners. And the job of unpacking and settling in became a reality.  

The first night was awful staying here. Not because Ty woke up or that he was missing the old home and old familiarity of things.  Quite the opposite. It was because of our cat who meowed all evening and kept Byron and I up.  That being said everyoned is settled into the new home and we all love the space.  It is much quieter now. We have space. We have enough bedrooms for the new little one and for a guest bedroom as well as an additional office space.  We have a wonderful play room equiped with pool table, ping pong table and kitchenette as well as projector and screen.  We are a tad bit spoiled but are feeling like this is the place for us for sure!  We do miss our old spot a little bceause we had our dogs with us and they have been out of our lives for a short period.  They will make their guest appearance soon once our fence is completed. 

So all in all we cannot complain.  We are happy, healthy, with jobs, enjoying family, welcoming new family into our lives and are in preparation for that!  We are blessed to have a newer home with many ammenities that we are enjoying and are making it our own! 

I am hoping to make more regular postings on both blogs and that is more of my comittement these days as I am trying to get back into a more regular schedule. 
Take care & God Bless.