Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Where has the time gone?

Well we are fast approaching the new year 2012. Odd to say for sure. We will soon be saying goodbye to this fun-filled year 2011. Today we have remembered our year was full of CHANGE! We sold our house on a whim in one month flat. We were thinking of job changes and turned down some jobs. We found out we were having a new addition to our family and he was born on Nov. 8th! Welcome Caleb. We purchased a new home and moved. Our family had a wonderful trip to Hawaii and there is much more! What a fabulous year! As we look forward to what 2012 will bring we know that we will be enjoying every new moment our kids will share. Ty is turning 4 soon! We are looking at some cards and have thought the one posted looks nice but are not sure of it yet and still working out the details of the party for sure... Let me know what you think? The theme obviously has been requested to be SUPER HEROES! Caleb will share all of his first with us and to date they include, gaining a tremendous amount of weight in a short amount of time, lifting his head quite nicely,smiling, cooing and grabbing things. We are excited to have him around. His brother Ty is so great with him! He loves to kiss him, and cuddle! We shall see how long that lasts.. LOL.. Byron will be taking paternity leave shortly as I will have to head back to work with mixed feelings about that. (I am still trying to win millions so I don't have to ) Here's hoping 2012 brings that string of luck. I am looking forward to loosing baby weight and enjoying my boys! I have begun looking at what my new years resolutions might be.. I think one will be to engage in outdoor activity to support my needs of loosing baby weight and the second one will be to continue to record our live in some format or maybe multiple formats i.e., blogs, photo books and letters to my children every so often. I have to get one that for the new year for both of them. Want something to leave behind for them to have and cherish. On that somber note. Happy New Year all! Here's to 2012 may this year bring you all joy, happiness and a ton of adventure!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Dirty Dishes....

This song was shared on Facebook yesterday by a friend of mine! As I listened to the song I was reminded of all the things I am truly thankful for! As a woman I am thankful for my education. I am thankful for a wonderful husband, blessed to have one beautiful and smart child, Ty and blessed to be able to have a second child in just a few short weeks.  

I am reminded that though there is pressure to keep the house clean, I am thankful for a home! I am thankful to have things inside the home and outside of the home. I am thankful for a job, income and insurance.  As we face a very uncertain future for our kids and ourselves I must pause and give thanks.  So I am each day going to focus on  one special thing that I can give thanks for or to for the next month.

This is a great idea that I also picked up from another friend of mine on Facebook.  My challenge to you is to self reflect for yourself on the things that you are truly thankful for and publicly share that for 30 days.   If you need a reminder of what I am truly thankful for listen to the you tube music I have shared within this blog!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

It has been a while since my last post... In fact I have written a few posts that are still in draft form awaiting pictures but never completed that particular process.  I guess it is because priorities have changed. Life happens.   We are three and 1/2 weeks or so away from meeting our little addition to our family Caleb Edward Williams.  I am getting super excited and anxious to meet him, see what his personality is like and to see how Ty reacts.

Ty is still loving school and making great strides. He is working on his phonic sounds with a ZOO Phonics curriculum that I hear him repeat over and over while he is playing here at home. He continues to amaze us daily.  He has his routine at school down as a three year old so I guess we are good to go for the four year old preschool already one leg up.  He recognizes the letters of his name and writes a wonderful T... the Y portion of his name is slowly but surely coming.  So proud am I as a mother!  We do our phonics homework each week and have him read or be read to each evening (which reminds me we need to fill in his pumpkins on his sheet for each of the 5 minutes of reading we do).  What a great age.  In January he will turn 4 years old.   Wow how the time flies.

Recently we have been fairly busy with two baby showers a third on the way and visiting with family in Vancouver or Battle Ground.  As I said Life Happens.  This week I am packing a bag for the hospital and packing a bag for Caleb for the hospital. Next week is the last doc appointment that has been scheduled for every two weeks and then it will be weekly.  We are still awaiting confirmation from the doctor as to which day we will be scheduled for our C-Section in November.  We are hoping to know soon so that we can schedule the rest of life to happen that day and so that we can manage the introduction of Ty to Caleb (which we want to be a private moment for our immediate family).  Well as I said... Life Happens and we take things one day at a time.

Pictures and other things to follow on this blog at another time.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Life is about transitions.

Today Byron and I experienced yet another transition with Ty, his FIRST day of PRESCHOOL! I was terribly excited (and secretly have been for quite some time) for him and for this transitions. I tried to think of everything prior to today. We began several months ago with our first visit to the school to meet the teacher prior to our decision to send Ty. Our conversations with Ty have been constant as we drive by the school (only a few short blocks away). He knew the building. He asked questions and we answered them.  Then I decided to make it a special transition and he was able to pick out his back pack, matching lunch box and Kleen Kanteen, he chose the Batman edition from Pottery Barn.  We were trying to think of everything to make this transition a positive one.

We received the welcome packet from the school several weeks ago and again began planning.  Byron and I took ourselves to several stores to stock up on the school supplies from the list that was included in our packet. Boy what an eye opening experience that was for Byron.  Supplies are expensive! We ran into several teachers at a few of the stores that were clearly stocking up themselves with no doubt using their own money for the supplies that students could not afford and would most likely enter school without.   We chatted about that and decided that we were very fortunate to be able to pay for private tuition at this time as well as provide Ty with special things like new backpack etc. and be able to afford school supplies. We felt like parents. We were both somewhat nervous about this transition but knew that we would all make it through and Ty would surprise us for sure.

We took our newly purchased supplies home and hid them, (I remember being a kid and wanting to play with the new items immediately) and kept our discussion about our knew teacher Mrs. Shumacher alive on a daily basis.  Last Friday the 2nd of September we had our first appointment with our new  teacher. We arrived early, (as the Williams most always do) and waiting with anticipation outside of the room.  Finally we could not wait any longer Ty just had to see his classroom and teacher, (it helped there was a little girl named Emily in the classroom with her father too I am sure). We entered the classroom to search for his name located on the bullitin board, coat hanger in the coat closet  and found that there was a TYLER but no TY.  We immediately took care of that little error.  But all in all Ty found the kitchen area appealing, searched for toys, wouldn't let the teacher take his picture so he let out a scream.   The teacher was great saying, "just email a recent photo, we had to do that with another student too!" So we were at ease. 

Throughout the weekend the conversation about school continued, Ty spoke of Mrs. Shumacher a ton and we knew we would be okay! Monday night, the night before school Byron and I gave Ty a bath, let him choose  his PJ's and put him to bed.  The next morning bright and early Ty awoke and crawled into our bed asking questions like, "Do I go to school today?  Do I stay?" The answer was yes both times and he processed that for a little bit.  We woke up and made pancakes with powdered sugar (because I have no syrup in the house, I knew I had forgotten something at the store). He watched Little Einsteins on T.V. with Byron while I finished making lunches and making sure the backpack was filled with the things that Ty needed for preschool.  We all got dressed and ready to go. I wasn't going to push the camera this time around but was going to feel it out. Selfishly I wanted pictures (which I eventually got).  However, I also knew this transition was overwhelming already for Ty. I knew this because 15 minutes before we left he stated how much he wanted to stay at home and not go to school.  

We packed it up anyway and headed out of the front door and around the corner of our home.  We were headed a few blocks away by foot to the school. We noticed there were lots of kiddos going by foot, car etc and that made Ty feel better. "Hey mom look at that boy he going to school too!" You are right little one you are right.  We made our way near the school and Ty was scoping things out.  We were a few minutes early but not to worry so were others. We waited until the Principal Mr. Schindler opened the doors and welcomed families into the school. Ty remembered things from Friday's visit and we talked about them all the way down the hall to his classroom. We were met there by his teacher and of course were the first ones.  

Ty and I looked for his name and it was changed on the wall, the coat hanger and his folders.  We hung his backpack up in the closet and put his lunch box above it on the shelf. Byron showed Ty the play doh area, the water table, the water colors and the toys that were set out. Other students started to arrive. Pictures were taken (not by me yet) but by other parents of their students. I explained to Ty that mommies and daddies have to leave and kids stay with their teacher and they are safe.  I explained that we would come pick him up when school was over and that I was proud of him.  He wanted to go home and gave me a huge hug at which point I hugged him back and handed him over to his teacher.  Not a peep, not a cry, just a small pouty face which made Byron and I well up with tears but none the less bee lined it for the door.  Goodbye we stated and off we went.  

Down the long hall, to the office where we dropped off our forms for the years volunteers lists, the pick up and drop off lists and more.  I just can't wait for Sally Foster wrapping paper, the Green sale etc.  Showing a ton of enthusiasm laughing inside. I am a parent of a private school kiddo. Right before our very eyes Ty was growing up into a young little boy. Not so much a toddler any more but a young little boy that was beginning his journey in education. It was a positive day.

I will say that during the day Byron and I kept busy with errands, a doctors appointment with Caleb and getting the house tidied. I liked that. We nervously checked our emails and phones for any sign of trouble down at the school and avoided driving by the school for fear of disrupting something by chance.  We were excited and curious about what his day was like. If he was enjoying it.  We knew he would but were not sure.  No phone calls, no emails and no communication from the school all was well. A few minutes before 2:50pm we arrived at the school and waited outside for the Preschool and KG classes to come out of the door. The principal and I chatted (we have a few people we know in common through my work), we chatted with friends that Byron grew up with who also have kiddos attending this school, we felt like parents.

First the KG classroom came out and met up with their families. Then Ty's classroom came. I whipped out the camera to snap a photo of him with his backpack on as quickly and quietly as I could. He looked timid but he saw me and a smile crept over his face. He came to give Byron and I huge hugs and kisses.  The teacher said he had a great day, he was talkative with her and others and enjoyed himself. That was all we could ask for. Whew a relief.  On to the walk home. Ty explained his day in detail and when we arrived home and sat on the couch to continue our talk he stated with his hand folded behind his head and his feet crossed, "Mom it was a long day and I am tired!" "How was your day at work?" We stated that we were proud of him and that we missed him and were excited about tomorrow's school day.  He then told us about his homework which was reading a Clifford book that his teacher gave to everyone.  He even reminded me this morning that he did his homework.

All in all a great day and feeling to be a parent.  We have a wonderful son who is growing up quickly but we are cherishing all the little moments that he has to offer us.  We love him so much.  Love you Ty!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How quickly time fleets by!

I was driving home yesterday and was  consumed with thoughts regarding where my day had gone. Things I set out to do at work did not get done because it was our teachers first day back to work.  The pace of the day picked up and before I knew it I looked at a clock and realized it was 1 pm.  Whew where had the day gone? So I gave up trying to stick to my plan but began just working on one thing at a time (really which was whatever came through my door).

Before I knew it, it was time to go home and so I headed out. Looking into the distance I noticed plumes of smoke.  Ah, they (farmers) must be field burning today a typical activity during this time of year. Fall is certainly around the corner. Then it dawned on me wow where did the summer vacation and break go? It has flown by as well. We packed it in with lots of activity in fact maybe too much and Byron and I are trying to slow it down a bit and not cram things into our weekend times now in order to complete major projects such as the dog kennel, the baby room, and getting our plans in order for potential time off.

So right now as I sit blogging I am trying to slow time down.  Is it mind over matter? Nope the clock is still ticking.  Maybe I should take the batteries out of all the clocks around here! Though that certainly wouldn't help because no matter which way I look at it time is still quickly fleeting away.  It is amazing to me how certain days, weeks and months seem to fly by faster than others, and it is always when you don't want the time to fleet away.  When you want to relish in activity and don't want time to fly away is when the time seems to disappear before you know it.

Today marks the 29th week and first day of pregnancy.  As I am looking ahead I am realizing that there are really only around two months and a week or so remaining until our due date.  There is so much to get done at work and at home that I feel like the time is picking up tempo and pushing me to the limits.  I will function and get by and things will get done I will just have to reevaluate all that will be on my to do lists and plan.  If I could slow time just a little bit I might, but then maybe not.  I can't wait to meet little Caleb! And am super excited to share him with the world. Ty is excited as is Byron too. We are all getting mentally prepared for an addition.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

28 Weeks & Counting!

Well today marks the 28th week and first day of my pregnancy. It also reminds me that I have the ever so wonderful task of having the glucose blood test exactly one hour after I have to drink a terrible glucose sweet orange drink (while at work I might add).  Oh the things we do as mothers.   Let's recap and catch everyone up to speed.

Last week we revealed the name of our second son to arrive in November.  Caleb Edward Williams is his name. We are proud of this name.  It is funny to talk with people throughout your pregnancy who are pregnant or who reminisce about their time being pregnant in the past.  The name is of great importance.  There are many who struggle to pick names and others who know right away. For our first son there was much discussion. A list of what not to name your child was made.  A list of do not name because of the terrible nick names that could surface years later was made and a list of a few potentials was made until we decided on Ty Anthony Williams.  Caleb was a  bit different. We had decided (when Ty was born) what the second child's name would be if it were a girl.  So we were thrown for a little bit of a loop when we found out our second child would be another boy.  But not for long.   Byron and I spent about a week throwing names out that we enjoyed, that were not really trendy (meaning top 10 for that year) but that sounded good.  Caleb was always at the top of our list.

We were in full agreement about the middle name and really Williams was a known quantity.  I spoke to someone recently about naming children and both of us felt like parents just know what fits, whether it sounds right, feels right or what have you, parents just know.  Kind of how we know Caleb is right for our little one.  A strong name! A proud name! A somewhat biblical name! This kid is going to do great things.

So we revealed Caleb's name via our baby website http://margoandbyronbaby.ourbabychannel.com/ where we posted a few family professional pictures we recently had to document our baby bump and time with Ty prior to Caleb's birth. I wanted to do something a little different with this kiddo during pregnancy than I did with Ty.  When pregnant with Ty, I would have Byron take pictures in our home of the growing bump at least once a month.  I was determined to document the growth.   But this time.. I felt like doing something a little different.  So I found through a few referrals a few up and coming photographers that wouldn't be too costly but saw their work and felt like they were really great photographers and someone that I could build a relationship with for the long haul.  So I connected with K. Ritchie Photography here in our lovely neck of the woods.  Kamren is a mutual friend of a friend of mine.  (That was a mouthful) In any case we booked her services to begin at our home and then to Pioneer Park for photos.  She had great ideas, use different items that we have for Caleb (blocks, ultrasound pictures, shoes, and or a toy and we picked his new blankie).  Ty was also part of the pictures we let him pick some toys as well. He also showed off a bit for the ladies.
Here are a few of the photos:
The baby bump.. The girls were so impressed that currently I do not have any stretch marks! So am I quite frankly. But happy about that none the less.
The three of us plus one! This was not posed. Ty decided to climb on daddy's back while we were shooting a  parent photo. Too cute though.

Caleb's blanket and blocks. Love this because we are hugging him while having pictures taken too!
Love this picture of Ty climbing on a stump to show us his CAT machine! In any case just a few of the shots that we had taken to document this wonderful time in our life! The bump, the name, Ty, Byron and I could not have asked for much more.

In a previous post I shared that we have said goodbye to our famous binkie.  It is gone for good. Another summer feat mastered.  Ty is now one full week without it. He no longer cries for it (though that was minimal at best) he talks about how it lasted for three years, broke and then the garbage man took it away.  Very factual.  He no longer asks for it either.  So we are super excited for that and are now prepping Ty to get ready for his preschool adventure this school year.

So there is much to do before the due date! And I am sure we will get it done!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bye Bye Binkie?

Well three days ago Ty officially said goodbye to his binkie! What a crazy ride we have had with that suck 'em.  How did we do this you ask? Well it was planned.  We had come up with several different ways in the last 6 months to get rid of this security item that Ty has become attached to in so many ways.

First we thought we would send it to Santa Claus. We discussed this with Ty and he thought it would be great!. We would give it to Santa Claus and he would then receive lots of gifts.  But when it came time to write Santa a summer letter he was not having any part of it (despite many efforts).

Second we came up with the notion that we would give it away to another little person.  This stuck around for a while until Ty picked our second son to give it to and I realized that was more months away than what I wanted him to have the binkie for.  The goal for me was before he begins preschool Ty would give up his binkie.  Now he only used binkie for night time sleeping. We have pretty much not had binkie during the days since he's been to daycare.

I then realized that we really needed binkie on the trip to Hawaii because he was familiar with it, it could help pop his ears and truly I DON"T THINK WE (BYRON AND I ) were ready for what may lie ahead. The potential of screaming, a big fit or something was going to occur and I just quite frankly did not want to deal with it.  Was Ty giving up the binkie or were we?  It was so easy to just give him the binkie.  But I kept thinking it was time.  Sooooo..

When we came back from Hawaii, I decided to begin poking small little holes in the suck 'em portion of the pacifier.  No one knew, not even Byron.  A week went by and one morning Ty looked at me and showed me his binkie asking what had happend?  I simply said to him, "the binkie is three years old and it is starting to crack.  When it is cracked all the way then you will have to throw binkie away and say goodbye." He looked at me and said, "ok." Well I knew what that meant.  Okay for now but when the time comes good luck!  Over the past few weeks the discussion continued as Ty began to realize that the binkie continued to break down and the nipple was hanging by a last little piece of plastic.  Worried about this Byron and I continued to assure Ty that he would be fine without the binkie and that it would need to be thrown away once the piece was completely off because of the safety issues.

Monday morning, August 14th, 2011 the binkie completely broke.  Ty looked at me and said, "momma it broke" and of course asked why.  I explained again that the binkie only works for so long and three years is a long time.  I also explained it was time to throw binkie away.  He thought he might take a stab at keeping the bigger portion and put that piece back into his mouth but realized that that really wasn't worth it.  So he put both pieces on the counter and asked if I would throw it away.  So I made sure that he said goodbye to it and thank you for the special times and then we both watched as it was placed into the garbage!

Whew... He watched a little TV that morning and had a very special Sunday.  There was no mention of the binkie when I returned home that evening.  In fact, Ty decided to fall asleep on the couch at 4 pm and slept through the night.  We of course moved him into his bedroom for the evening but a surprising turn.  Maybe he was growing.  Monday morning he awoke in a great mood and there was still no mention of the binkie.  Wow, were we lucky?  This seemed easier than I thought.  Again Monday evening Ty fell asleep on the couch around 4:30 and was moved to his room around 6:30 while he was sound asleep. He slept until the following morning when he awoke.  No request for the binkie, no mention of it and no sign of it anywhere.  Byron and I were amazed. Truly it was too good to be true.

Tuesday evening, I returned home from work and Ty and I played, he helped to make dinner  and to water my flowers.  Byron came home from work, he played with Ty, we ate dinner and then the "REQUEST" came.  "I want my binkie." I looked and Byron and he looked at me and we smile we knew it was too good to be true.  I explained to Ty what we did a few days back and he began to cry.  We calmed him down and watched a little TV while we put PJ's on and then went to brush our teeth and go to the bathroom.  We typically read a  book or two or three before he falls asleep but tonight.... Ty just curled up in bed and cried himself to sleep repeating over and over, "I want my binkie." It didn't take long though for me maybe the longest 3-5 minutes. Whew it could have been worse.

This morning we continue to explain what occurred to the binkie and reassure Ty that he is just fine and old enough to go without.  That conversation didn't last long. So maybe by the end of the week we will have the thoughts of binkie, buying a new one as he would request, completely out of our minds and discussions.  It is time and we are ready.

This entire process has made me think twice about the binkie usage and what I might plan to do with our new addition.  It has been a long journey to break this habbit and not an easy one I might add.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Coconuts, Pineapple, & Sand and Surf!

What a wonderful time we had in Kauai, HI.  From preparation to the final late night arrival it was well worth the trip.  Our family absolutely loved Hawaii.  To share a few moments we begin with the departure routine.  It was a great thing that I decided to fly a short flight with Ty to Seattle for the Thanksgiving break because I learned a lot!  One, don't have your son wear a coat, hat or shoes while going through security because you will have a screaming kiddo when you are trying to remove all items mentioned above to put on the security conveyor belt to be screaned.  Two make sure you have thought of everything (don't forget items).  Finally, make sure you have the discussion well in advance and over and over again of what to expect throughout the travel day.  Knowing that from one thirty to forty minute flight truly prepared us for the not one but two flights and travel of about an entire 8 hours of a day. 

We arrived at PDX airport and were dropped off early in the morning, checked our one bag had two and half carry on items and truly made it through security in probably 5 minutes or less.  Ty was a trooper. He followed his daddy's lead taking off his shoes and putting them on the belt while I took care of the carry on items, electronics and the like.  Ty actually walked through the beeper machine. Forgive me I am having a prego moment and can't remember the name of it at this time.  WHEW.  So we made it and now to get breakfast and wait at our gate to get on the 5 and 1/2 hour flight to Honolulu International airport.  The first flight was truly uneventful (which was great). We had three seats together in the middle of the plane where Ty was able to lay down and nap almost the entire way.  Once we landed at Honolulu  airport we ran into a few familiar people Aunt Amy and Uncle Bob! What a surprise (not) it certainly was planned to spend a little time with our family together in Hawaii. 

Ty was super excited though. We spent a little time at that airport with a little more heat than we would normally feel at PDX, a few birds flying in and out of the gated area and then boarded our plane a smaller plan that would fly only 37 minutes to the island of Kauai.  Again this flight was uneventful except Ty was so excited to see Amy that Byron and Amy were asked to switch seats.

Once we landed we made our way towards the baggage areas where a lovely Hawaiian woman provided us with lei's. Each one of us! Though Ty was not having any strange woman place a lei around his neck.  Good stranger danger awareness, I guess.  In anycase we collected our baggage and headed out to the rental car agency where we spent a few minutes getting the suv we were prepared to have for 2 full weeks. Once there Amy and Byron directed themselves and the car with the rest of us and cargo to our Condo at Waipouli Resort and Spa! It really was a seemless trip over there.

I won't go into great detail about the two full weeks on the island but I will say that Byron, Ty and I spent a ton of time on the beaches there, exploring the ocean, playing in the sand and just relaxing to the breeze, ocean sounds and smells.  We swam in the lovely river pool at the condo which was equiped with waterfalls that you could swim under into caves, two slides and a toddler rock/sand bottom pool that was shallow enough for any toddler to swim, stand and jump into.  We took many drives to the southern part of the island and Northern part of the island spending time in shops, eatting puka dogs, snorkeling, swimming with turtles and sipping on coconut milk.  We spent time with Amy and Bob finding the Secret Beach (the most picturesque beach ever), Queens Bath, Spouting Horn, Lava Pools for snorkeling, and trying many different places to eat. What a great time!

I believe we all enjoyed the time on the island and were truely sad to leave.  We spent Friday the 29th traveling home. Ty again was great on the trip home considering that we arrived to our house at 12:30 at night.  Byron was smart to take the following Monday off, however I was the glutten for punishment and only had Saturday and Sunday to recouperate from the trip.  Work again on Monday morning. 

We take away from the trip wonderful memories, wants to enjoy the next time we go, and above all two weeks of much needed vacation.  It truly was nice for Byron and I to be unconnected for two full weeks. I believe we only used our phone a few times and the iPAD was to pay the bills we were missing.  We made it a point to not work and it worked we were relaxed!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Toddler Conversations

It is amazing how much Ty's imagination is going a mile per minute. It is amazing how much he is putting things together and making sense of the world around him.  He constantly comes up with funny things to say, witty things to say and his own perspective shines through.  If I could record every second of the day I would.  Unfortunately I don't have time to do that nor the capabilities to keep such extensive recordings.  I just smile and engage in the conversation.

Sometimes the conversation is plagued by ums, or word searching and sometimes they even make sense.  There are so many words coming out of his mouth it is amazing.  He recites movie lines, and books while reading now and he enjoys communicating.  There are times (oddly enough) when I need to remind Ty of his ability to use his words instead of screaming and pointing and really that happens only when he is tired and cranky.  

Overall I love the conversations we have.  I love his curiosity. I love when he tells me he and his daddy will fix something and that he is surprised I can do the same things. I smile when he talks seriously, when he shares his worries and when he tries to crack a knock, knock jokes.   What I especially love is the honesty with his statements.  Kids say the dangest things. They tell the truth though they try to lie. They blurt things out as they see them and have no filter.  I especially love that.  It is funny though as we grow older the social norms require us to use filters within our conversations, to be polite, politically correct and to know your audience.  Toddlers have no worries when it comes to these rules of engagement.  We get the priveledge of smiling and teaching those norms. What a wonderful experience.

Can't wait for the next conversation with my son!

Much needed girls night...

It was a rare occasion last night to enjoy a "girls night" out.  I was able to go shopping, do dinner and have adult conversation that did not revolve around kid interruptions. So glad to have that time.  Though shopping did consist of going to Pottery Barn Kids (for kid bedroom ideas), and the Container Store for organizing ideas for the house the time was really about ME. 

I was able to shop with as much time as I needed, be undecided and go to another store while thinking about the item that I was undecided about and return to pick it up and I was able to think about items on the list and for upcoming events such as Christmas. Once a mom always a mom I guess but nothing brings me greater joy than to provide for my family!

Dinner was enjoyable and seemed to drag on like neither my friend and I wanted it to end. That was relaxing. We chatted about work, family, life and the sale of homes with all the frustrations and excitements.  Needless to say I was stuffed.  PF Changs you can't really go wrong there.  I got home late and was welcomed home by my husband putting Ty to bed while I relaxed a bit.  It is always nice to know that when you are away from home and your kid and your husband that you are missed and wanted.  I relished in listening to the stories of the evening and enjoyed the fact that I was needed as well as having the support to have my own time. 

Girls night out... LOVE IT!  Here's to more on the horizon. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Needed Vacation

It is not often that we've been able to pull together a large vacation and very rare to be vacationing with my Sister and her husband.  What I know about this is that this upcoming vacation is very needed for a variety of reasons.  This will be our first family vacation with Ty that requires a flight that is more that a puddle jumper to Seattle.  Though he is super excited there I am sure is some nervous energy around getting on the plane again.  I am so thrilled to be taking Ty to a destination where we can play on the beach or in the swimming pools all day long if needed.  I am elated to be able to relax and enjoy new things and just get out of the very mundane days that all flow together.  But truly I am happy to document this final milestone for Byron, Ty and Myself as a threesome.  Soon we will become four.  This is special time for Ty.

This upcoming Sunday Byron and I will be celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary.  Can't believe that 7  years of marriage is here already! WOW is all I can say.  It certainly is not easy work but truly work to communicate, to plan, to constantly check with each other and be on the same page, to parent and to listen to each other.  This will be the second of 7 anniversary's that we are spending in Hawaii.  I am not sure if this is a trend we will continue but it just so happens that we will be on an island. I am not sure what the traditional "gift" for seven years is so I guess I had better get to looking.  I truly have been caught up in getting things together for this trip.  It will be nice to celebrate soon. 

Finally, the vacation comes at a nice time for myself as a mom, though I won't be able to go on a zip line or enjoy certain hikes, I am aiming to relax.  Not fold laundry (too much), not transport to play dates, or juggle day care needs, but to just RELAX.  Knowing that in a short few months our second son will arrive, I want to spend a tremendous amount of time with Ty making special memories and documenting our whole experience.  I don't want to have a care in the world.  Ever had that need?  Ever fulfilled it?  Maybe I will hit a spa one day, or have a fabulous dinner (with a virgin drink at this time).  Maybe I will just sit by the beach listening to the waves roll in and out.  Or maybe I will play in the pool.  Either way my main mission is to relax.  Life is too short to schedule yourself and pin yourself to dates and times.  I will be on island time...

I am sure that I will not be ready to come back, or needless to say ready to begin work two days after we arrive home.  That is okay though nothing is going to beat this time away.  I hope to be refreshed and ready to go for August weeks and weekends are already packed with other mini vacations, chores around the house, and other events to attend.  Then the preparation for Ty to begin preschool.  (That is a whole other blog posting coming soon to a blog near you!) 

With that being said, I will leave you all with a picture of relaxation!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Parenting of two same or different?

I was out and about today running a few errands before our family vacation this upcoming Friday, when I noticed mom's with more than one child.  I watched intently and thought about how this new child will add another level to our lives.  I wondered how these women juggled it, wondered how their first borns handled it, and wondered how Byron and I will do both juggle it all and how Ty will handle it.  I was certainly in awe at how these women maneuvered shopping, the day to day activities, dealt with melt downs and moved right along.  What will I be like? 

I have an idea but of course I have lots of ideas of what things might be like and in reality they come close or not so close to those pictures I have in my head.  Only time will tell.  Will parenting become easier, more difficult or somewhere in between?  Will time feel shorter with more on our plate to juggle or will it be the same?  What will shift for us?  Though I have a million questions and continue to paint the picture of what it will be like I am smiling. I am excited about this change, our new addition to our family! I am blessed to have been a mom once but twice, I am twice blessed!  Life is only getting better. 
So it really won't matter what will change or if it will be the same or different having two children.  They are loved both tremendously already and we are so blessed to have them in our lives to be able to nurture and provide for them that we will embrace any changes, differences or similarities that may  come.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

What to name your child.

With our first born Byron and I were meticulous about what to name our child.  We both came to the table with differing ideas and rationale for what NOT to name our son.  Byron came to the table with a list of names that would have horrible nick names for others to call him and we crossed those off the list.  I came to the table with names of students I previously had experience teaching and those names were stricken from the list.  We then looked through books and created a list of potential names for our first born son and had serious discussion crossing those off the list that we liked but that friends or families had already named their children with.  WHEW what an arduous process.  We decided very easily on a girls name, (unfortunately at that time we were not having a girl) we thought we'd save for later.  Little did we know we would be having a second boy and so the girl name will be archived until further notice. 

We are faced with the same process again but I must say this time it feels a bit easier and a bit faster. I wonder why that is? Well I have a few theories.  We know what we like, what sounds good with our family name, and have already completed the arduous process of naming our first.  We want a good solid name, a name that brings character, and a name that our little guy will identify with creating his own personality.  I am sure you are all wondering what or if we have decided.  Well, that will be shared soon enough!:-)

Until then my friends.  Here is a sneak peak of our little guy!  This was from our first ultrasound.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer 2011 or bust!

I am super excited to enter into the summer months... one because of the crazy winter/spring that we recentely had, and two because I am on vacation.  I only get one month off but my vacation began with  a conference at Seaside, Oregon with Byron and Ty tagging along.  We had incredible weather that is rare for the Oregon Coast. We were greeted with summer like warm weather, little to no wind, and minor sprinkles in the morning.   I was able to work and play in the evenings with my boys. 

One day of work later and then officially summer break started! I only have two weeks of time to spend with Ty prior to our family departure to Kaua'i.  During this time we have play dates set up for Ty, and a  to do list for me.  This consists of cleaning, unpacking, playing, packing for the trip, shopping and decorating rooms. 

The Fourth of July was super fun! Ty attended his first Rodeo with Jeff (a friend of ours), Byron and I.  He stayed awake for the 7 pm to 11 pm showing which also included fire works.  He was able to use his phrase... come on bullseye, and yehaw cowboy! .. This was also a milestone for him in that during the fireworks display he loved each one saying, "mom I love that one!" This was a much different reaction than in the past several celebrations where he hid, didn't like and wanted to go home to go to bed.  So we are certainly growing up.

While in Kaua'i we are planning to enjoy many relaxing activities! Mostly swimming at the pools in the resort, and sight seeing many beaches.  Ty is excited to ride on an airplane for 5 hours. We are excited to get away.  During this time Byron and I will be celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary. It is amazing to me how time flies. We are blessed to be welcoming our second son in Novemeber.

The rest of the summer is packed with each weekend booked in August and September.  We intentionally did this because Byron and I work and we want to spend as much time as a family engaging in family summer activities as well as completing chores and attending a few weddings. It seems like this summer will fly by quickly.  But we are excited to enjoy it!

Monday, June 6, 2011

O.M.G. Time Flies...

Things have become a bit hectic since the last time I blogged! Since the last post on Feb 22nd, 2011 my family has sold our home, purchased a new home, found out we were expecting, turned down job offers and have been settling into our new digs. What a crazy hectic life.  We have had many visitors (namely family) which keep our weekends fairly busy, we have been continuuing to unpack and move in, as well as refine how and what we have.  Byron and I continue to work and try to plan some family fun time and prepare for our upcoming summer adventures. 

A Ty update... He is no longer attending day care for the remainder of the June month as his day care provider had a job literally fall into her lap with the Church in Mt. Angel.  Though he asks daily about going to Meg's because he built wonderful realtionships with his friends there we are thankful to make the change early.  He is getting bigger now. He is funny still, loves to laugh and loves to push his boundaries as most kiddos do.  It certainly keeps Byron and I learning patience and supporting him.  He is certainly an outdoorsman.  He would live outside if he could.  His favorite things currently are to go to the "New" park as much as he can, rid his bike with training wheels, dig and clean and do yard work with his father and myself which is great because we have tons of that to go around. He is super excited to have a baby coming into our lives.  His tender side shines through when he speaks to the baby in my belly, kisses my belly and says I love you baby.  He is certain tha twe will have a girl however, we don't know yet.  So I hope he enjoys just being a big brother.  I know he will be great!

Byron and I are super excited to have another young person come into our lives.  We have been blessed with one and now a second.  We couldn't ask for anything accept another happy, healthy baby.  Baby Williams is due November 14th, 2011 just in time for the holidays and break.  Makes leave options that much better.  We are healthy so far.  17 weeks along today! Healthy heartbeat twice heard now. We will have an ultra sound later this month or in early July.  Just depends on schedules.  Again we are super excited and now we have a larger home to share with our new little addition!

The move was crazy and hectic and now mostly complete.  We had to be out of our old home by April 17th palm Sunday at 12:00 (Noon). Which really meant we needed to be able to get into our new home on Friday teh 15th for a whirl winde move!~  We were not sure if we were going to be able to do it all.  Thankfully we were prepacking for a week or two earlier into a storage unit and were moving essentials that evening.  We also were blessed to have many family members from both sides of our family helping us out as well as friends.  We were so blessed that we MOVED EVERYTHING into or new home by Saturday night!.  The storage unit was cleared out and cleaned up! The old home was cleaned and waiting for the new owners. And the job of unpacking and settling in became a reality.  

The first night was awful staying here. Not because Ty woke up or that he was missing the old home and old familiarity of things.  Quite the opposite. It was because of our cat who meowed all evening and kept Byron and I up.  That being said everyoned is settled into the new home and we all love the space.  It is much quieter now. We have space. We have enough bedrooms for the new little one and for a guest bedroom as well as an additional office space.  We have a wonderful play room equiped with pool table, ping pong table and kitchenette as well as projector and screen.  We are a tad bit spoiled but are feeling like this is the place for us for sure!  We do miss our old spot a little bceause we had our dogs with us and they have been out of our lives for a short period.  They will make their guest appearance soon once our fence is completed. 

So all in all we cannot complain.  We are happy, healthy, with jobs, enjoying family, welcoming new family into our lives and are in preparation for that!  We are blessed to have a newer home with many ammenities that we are enjoying and are making it our own! 

I am hoping to make more regular postings on both blogs and that is more of my comittement these days as I am trying to get back into a more regular schedule. 
Take care & God Bless.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A New Year never too late!

Hello all my fellow followers...

It has been relatively a long time since my last posting.  A lot has taken place.. We helped Ty to celebrate his 3rd birthday with a snow party for friends, and a family party the day after. Ty has been potty trained with an accident from random time to time. Such an accomplishment.  We have listed our house on the  market and the opportunities are endless as to where we might land.  We have paid our property off and are  making plans for our next big project.

First off Ty had a wonderful time celebrating his 3rd birthday.. yes I said 3rd birthday.. Oh how the time flies. I spent a couple weeks in preparation for the big day.  I worked with a few friends on securing a snow machine which we ended up not needing. I shopped some closing Party Depot sales and gathered up many snowflake decorations. I made cupcakes, and homemade hot chocolate, and put together little snow treat bags. But really the major focus of the party was the actual SNOW! Yes I mean SNOW.  Byron and a few guys pulled off the biggest task.... they brought back two truck beds full of snow from the mountain and unloaded it in our back yard.  The kids loved it..

This was the easiest birthday party for me. The kids entertained themselves! They played with sleds, threw snowballs, dug with Tonka Trucks and rolled in the snow! Cupcakes and Hot Chocolate were a hit as well. Happy Birthday for sure!

It is amazing. A light switch turned on once Ty turned 3.  We have been potty training for over a year. Ty decided that is what he wanted to do and so we followed his lead.  It wasn't until he turned three that we really didn't put a pull up on. Now we have too many pull ups.  It is amazing.  He even wanted to wear big boy undies to bed.  I think I was more worried about the accidents than he was. In fact we have only had 3 night time accidents since he has begun wearing big boy undies to bed.  WOW so proud.  Ty has even decided to tell us when he needs to go and demonstrates his independence by telling us to stay where we are at while he goes into the bathroom.  It seems so easy.  But in hind sight it has been a journey.  Potty training is not really training children but more like training the adults.

After many bids from 5 different professional builders two of whom we would love to work with in the future some time..but certainly not anytime soon, Byron and I decided to list our home on the market with a realtor. Byron and I spent Ty's birthday weekend remodeling a bathroom, entertaining two birthday parties and purging items from our home to get ready for a showing with many agents the following Tuesday.  WHEW we made it.  Now we have spent the past few weeks keeping the house clean, and ready for a showing at anytime.  We have had a few bits and are hopeful but realistic to.  Where are we going you might ask?  Well that is up in the air.  Byron and I are cautiously planning our next location. So to be determined at a later date.

So that brings us up to speed. We are enjoying watching Ty continue to show us amazing new things, be rowdy, and demonstrating his dramatic side.  Sometimes that includes three year old fits.. Boy I tell you.. two was a walk in the park but three is worse.  We are optimistic though that this too shall pass.. and that we will all be the better for this part of the journey. Until next time.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Welcome 2011

As we celebrated Christmas and the New Year our Williams family reflected on 2010. Though all agreed 2010 flew by rather quickly we enjoyed many things. We enjoyed spending time with each other, watching each other grow, appreciated what we have, and the many extra curricular things we have engaged in. We ave been thankful for our health (though lately has been a rough road with the never ending cold!).

With that and the many memories captured in pictures, video, blogs,and in our brains we have closed the year 2010! WELCOME 2011! We are super excited about what opportunities you bring to our Williams family!

What we hope to accomplish in the year 2011 is a rather tall order but one that we are ready to address head on and we are already making progress.  Byron and I have many HUGE decisions in front of us. We have been working with several building contractors in looking at bids, home plans etc. to take this current house down to almost 4 walls and rebuild to our specifications main floor and adding a floor. Though we haven't finished with this process we are excited and realistic about this process as well as comparing that to selling the house with a Realtor. Where would we go.. we are open to the mid-Willamette valley (which covers the current area we live in among many others) that decision is one to be made once we have all the information we need. We finally own our 23+ acres outright! A burden lifted yesterday as we made the final payment. We are super excited! Now on to other things...

Ty turns three at the end of this month and we are busy with plans for his kid party and then for a family party. This is helpful because our family is so incredibly large and Ty has many friends that he wants to include this year.  He walks around saying that he will be tree. :-) He loves riding his new bike that he received for Christmas and still is full of lots of energy.  We love watching and listening to all the new things he talks about and does for us.  Byron and I are deciding where Ty will be attending preschool in the fall. So much fun to know that he is excited for school too! All exciting times.

So as we get into 2011 we are optimistic, excited and open to the many opportunities there are ahead of our Williams family!