Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How quickly time fleets by!

I was driving home yesterday and was  consumed with thoughts regarding where my day had gone. Things I set out to do at work did not get done because it was our teachers first day back to work.  The pace of the day picked up and before I knew it I looked at a clock and realized it was 1 pm.  Whew where had the day gone? So I gave up trying to stick to my plan but began just working on one thing at a time (really which was whatever came through my door).

Before I knew it, it was time to go home and so I headed out. Looking into the distance I noticed plumes of smoke.  Ah, they (farmers) must be field burning today a typical activity during this time of year. Fall is certainly around the corner. Then it dawned on me wow where did the summer vacation and break go? It has flown by as well. We packed it in with lots of activity in fact maybe too much and Byron and I are trying to slow it down a bit and not cram things into our weekend times now in order to complete major projects such as the dog kennel, the baby room, and getting our plans in order for potential time off.

So right now as I sit blogging I am trying to slow time down.  Is it mind over matter? Nope the clock is still ticking.  Maybe I should take the batteries out of all the clocks around here! Though that certainly wouldn't help because no matter which way I look at it time is still quickly fleeting away.  It is amazing to me how certain days, weeks and months seem to fly by faster than others, and it is always when you don't want the time to fleet away.  When you want to relish in activity and don't want time to fly away is when the time seems to disappear before you know it.

Today marks the 29th week and first day of pregnancy.  As I am looking ahead I am realizing that there are really only around two months and a week or so remaining until our due date.  There is so much to get done at work and at home that I feel like the time is picking up tempo and pushing me to the limits.  I will function and get by and things will get done I will just have to reevaluate all that will be on my to do lists and plan.  If I could slow time just a little bit I might, but then maybe not.  I can't wait to meet little Caleb! And am super excited to share him with the world. Ty is excited as is Byron too. We are all getting mentally prepared for an addition.

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