Thursday, August 25, 2011

28 Weeks & Counting!

Well today marks the 28th week and first day of my pregnancy. It also reminds me that I have the ever so wonderful task of having the glucose blood test exactly one hour after I have to drink a terrible glucose sweet orange drink (while at work I might add).  Oh the things we do as mothers.   Let's recap and catch everyone up to speed.

Last week we revealed the name of our second son to arrive in November.  Caleb Edward Williams is his name. We are proud of this name.  It is funny to talk with people throughout your pregnancy who are pregnant or who reminisce about their time being pregnant in the past.  The name is of great importance.  There are many who struggle to pick names and others who know right away. For our first son there was much discussion. A list of what not to name your child was made.  A list of do not name because of the terrible nick names that could surface years later was made and a list of a few potentials was made until we decided on Ty Anthony Williams.  Caleb was a  bit different. We had decided (when Ty was born) what the second child's name would be if it were a girl.  So we were thrown for a little bit of a loop when we found out our second child would be another boy.  But not for long.   Byron and I spent about a week throwing names out that we enjoyed, that were not really trendy (meaning top 10 for that year) but that sounded good.  Caleb was always at the top of our list.

We were in full agreement about the middle name and really Williams was a known quantity.  I spoke to someone recently about naming children and both of us felt like parents just know what fits, whether it sounds right, feels right or what have you, parents just know.  Kind of how we know Caleb is right for our little one.  A strong name! A proud name! A somewhat biblical name! This kid is going to do great things.

So we revealed Caleb's name via our baby website where we posted a few family professional pictures we recently had to document our baby bump and time with Ty prior to Caleb's birth. I wanted to do something a little different with this kiddo during pregnancy than I did with Ty.  When pregnant with Ty, I would have Byron take pictures in our home of the growing bump at least once a month.  I was determined to document the growth.   But this time.. I felt like doing something a little different.  So I found through a few referrals a few up and coming photographers that wouldn't be too costly but saw their work and felt like they were really great photographers and someone that I could build a relationship with for the long haul.  So I connected with K. Ritchie Photography here in our lovely neck of the woods.  Kamren is a mutual friend of a friend of mine.  (That was a mouthful) In any case we booked her services to begin at our home and then to Pioneer Park for photos.  She had great ideas, use different items that we have for Caleb (blocks, ultrasound pictures, shoes, and or a toy and we picked his new blankie).  Ty was also part of the pictures we let him pick some toys as well. He also showed off a bit for the ladies.
Here are a few of the photos:
The baby bump.. The girls were so impressed that currently I do not have any stretch marks! So am I quite frankly. But happy about that none the less.
The three of us plus one! This was not posed. Ty decided to climb on daddy's back while we were shooting a  parent photo. Too cute though.

Caleb's blanket and blocks. Love this because we are hugging him while having pictures taken too!
Love this picture of Ty climbing on a stump to show us his CAT machine! In any case just a few of the shots that we had taken to document this wonderful time in our life! The bump, the name, Ty, Byron and I could not have asked for much more.

In a previous post I shared that we have said goodbye to our famous binkie.  It is gone for good. Another summer feat mastered.  Ty is now one full week without it. He no longer cries for it (though that was minimal at best) he talks about how it lasted for three years, broke and then the garbage man took it away.  Very factual.  He no longer asks for it either.  So we are super excited for that and are now prepping Ty to get ready for his preschool adventure this school year.

So there is much to do before the due date! And I am sure we will get it done!

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