Monday, November 15, 2010

90 Years Old!

Yesterday November 14th, 2010 Granny Fagan turned 90 years old! Amazing this woman has continued to be in great health, share her stories and though she doesn't have much she shares all she has with others.  It was neat to see the entire family come into town, some family mind you I have never met in the 10 years that Byron and I have known each other. It was great to see that Granny enjoyed herself with her birthday hat, her Hawaiian lays, and surrounding family and friends. The celebration was complete with records playing music in the background, a dear friend brought his accordion and played music, friends from McDonalds, friends from Payless, and other people with whom she worked back in the day. Of course there was food, cake, sweets, flowers, a little dancing and a lot of catching up.

Growing up?...

It seems as though Ty is coming into his own independence with statements of, "Mommy I do it myself!" and actions such as getting up in the middle of the night to turn on his light and crawl back into bed to sleep. It is amazing to watch all of the new and incredible things he does and says and makes me realize that time is precious. He shows empathy and caring about others, things, people and our animals. For example, we put Jake's pillow out for him (he is getting old and gets stoved up) and all evening Ty kept asking where Cali's pillow was and if we could get it for her. He brings smiles to our hearts and faces and is truly amazing.