Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Adventure of a NEW Tooth..

Everyone we have our first tooth that is breaking skin on the bottom set of gums! We just noticed it as Ty was eating food in his high chair and drooling.. The tooth has broken through the gum and is moving in... YEAH....
Exciting times.
No pics yet.. But will be working on that today and tomorrow... So that brings me to some new stories.. Ty is growing bigger each and every day.. Still waking up once during the night (better than what was happening 2-5 times each time eating a full meal) we have since increased his food intake right before bed..... It seems to help.

A new daily adventure...Ty loves to walk while holding both of your hands.. We walk through the kitchen, we walk around the big living room and any where else he would like to go.. All the while he laughs and smiles and screams with excitement. Life is good. We are baby proofing the house yet again in preparation for his ind pendent walking.. Crawling still not on all fours but he gets around as quickly as he would on all fours. .... Yesterday he was so motivated to crawl from the little living room into the Kitchen to look out of the slider door that he crawled right out of his jeans... and ended up with his onesie on ... It was funny.. I turned away and turned back and there he was with his pants left behind...

He also his pulling himself up to stand by hanging on to your shirt, or pant legs.. He seems to like to be upright these days... He stands up with the couch for support and is very adventurous. He takes a step and holds on and sometimes he will fall.

He certainly is a ham.. We enjoy him so much..

Well I will work on pictures soon.

Monday, September 15, 2008


WOW what an adventure... One morning on the way to work appeared the Honey Buckets, the Allied Waste Cans (by the dozens) tents, lights on the German looking buildings, smell of Krout and brautworst and Polka Music. Yes that is what I endured for three days during the week and a few on the weekend. Not only that but I worked the DOUGH BOY booth for our school district. YES I went home exhausted from working a donut booth for three hours on Thursday the opening of Oktoberfest weekend.

I think I even ate breakfast, lunch and dinner (and dessert) for two days during work. Work oh yeah what is that? Most everyone in the school district is involved somehow in this festival.. In fact there are many booths worked by all of our staff, the district hosts on their property portions of this festival (which from my drinking days I would never have known)..

Ty and Byron and I went and enjoyed the WEINGARTEN Friday evening and listened to the Polka music, the Chicken Dance song among many others. They met many people I worked with.. Ty was not so sure about the loud music but did meet a four month old he patted her head. They both seemed interested in each other.. (Someone like me... hmmm...) So as a family we enjoyed time together walking around, seeing new sights, and experiencing yet something new together..

It was somewhat exhausting. Sunday we went on a family Bike Ride into Aumsville and back to Stayton. In all we logged 15 more miles round trip.. Ty of course slept the entire way until we visited with some old neighbors at our rest stop on top of Hospital Hill.

Well that is the update.. We are now full on into the work week.. and tired.

Take care.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Besides teething...

Besides the fact that Ty seems to be teething these days... He also is beginning to stand and move with just a little bit of support. He loves this and actually preferrs to move this way.
Interestingly enough he seems to know exactly where he wants to go.. Hmm could be trouble.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Posting weekly..
I have been told by Aunt Whodiwhoo...(Aunt Amy) to make a weekly posting. So this one will not have any pics at this time.. But.. I can say that this week was the first full week of school for most students and of course that means more work for me..

Byron has been busy with OHSU and the daily grind of work there. I am getting used to ALL of the various roles I hold with my new job. Ty is still trying to clap, loves to "army" crawl and walk when you give him something to hold on to..

We are all a bit sleep deprived lately due to the movement of teeth under the gums.. I can only imaging how Ty feels.. But we are getting through it.. We just wish the teeth would come and be done..

Well that is it for now.. I may blog tommorow. We shall see.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Seahawk Fan what?

So thank you to Uncle Josh for the wonderful SeaHawk outfit. Boy does Ty look good. Hopefully they do well this year... Next on the list is to get him a WSU Cougar outfit and take him to a game. Maybe he will like football and then again maybe he won't.. Either way he certainly looks cute.