Saturday, September 6, 2008

Posting weekly..
I have been told by Aunt Whodiwhoo...(Aunt Amy) to make a weekly posting. So this one will not have any pics at this time.. But.. I can say that this week was the first full week of school for most students and of course that means more work for me..

Byron has been busy with OHSU and the daily grind of work there. I am getting used to ALL of the various roles I hold with my new job. Ty is still trying to clap, loves to "army" crawl and walk when you give him something to hold on to..

We are all a bit sleep deprived lately due to the movement of teeth under the gums.. I can only imaging how Ty feels.. But we are getting through it.. We just wish the teeth would come and be done..

Well that is it for now.. I may blog tommorow. We shall see.

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