Friday, November 16, 2012

Sock Monkey Celebration

Time Flies

Where does the time go?  I swear just yesterday I was having contractions while working and trying to hold out for a scheduled C-Section a few days later.   Well it has officially been ONE year! My youngest Caleb has turned one a few days ago.  I being the over excited mother who loves to plan super cool parties for her children I decided to go all out and do a sock monkey themed first birthday.. Can I just say thank goodness for Pinterest and Etsy too!

I ordered a sock monkey themed birthday invite from an Etsy vendor that put together my pictures of my son who was dressed in Sock Monkey attire into a cool invitation.   Th ere are many on ETSY a great place to find what you are looking for.  With that the vendor threw in cupcake toppers too!

Great Friends

I have the most wonderful friends with the most amazing talents.  A friend of mine from high school helped to create a couple posters following the theme.  My favorite was the KEEP CALM MONKEY ON! They added so much to the decor!


Thank goodness for Pinterest! I can't say that enough. I have soo many ideas and things I am doing now for the holidays, home decor and more! It's my 10 minutes a day of calm time, Mommy time if you will. My "pinteresting" ideas that I used were to deck the house out.  I made a balloon and ribbon wreath,  wrapped letters with yarn (I did not finish so did not use) but gleaned ideas for water bottle labels, candy/food buffets and more. 


It is amazing to know that Sock Monkey (the classic one) is making a comeback.  We found a Jack in the Box Sock Monkey style, Kohls cares offered a 5$ Sock Monkey which I purchased for party favors for kids and Birthday Party Express had a sock monkey themed party package (plates, streamers, cups, balloons and more)!  I even purchased fabric online that I used as table runners, and decorative accents for outside of the house decor!


My Son!

My son wore his Sock Monkey hat (along with his older brother) for part of the party and enjoyed balloons, was overwhelmed by the amount of family that arrived to celebrate his first year of life and enjoyed his first taste of sugar!  Happy First Birthday Caleb! We have had a blast celebrating your first year of life!