Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Resurgence of the Blog.

Dear Readers,

It has been some time since I have last submitted or worked on this blog.  In part because as a full time working mom I have taken time to support my kids education, changed jobs and have really just taken on too much.  You know how it is!  I continue to coordinate auction projects for the school auction, be involved with my kids after school endeavors, listed and am closing on a home, and getting ready to have the adventure of building our dream home on our acreage.  

Life is busy.  I have been looking at ways to subsidize our bills and reduce them as much as possible. It is not easy.  I have two kids in private school an obvious personal choice and one that if I changed could save a tremendous amount of stress in looking how to fund this choice of ours. But honestly that is not a choice I am willing to make at this time.  I have been looking into side businesses, but start up fees are something I don't have at this time as every penny counts when building a home.  I have been looking into what to do from home as I am the parent that is the one who drives my kids to and from soccer practice or t-ball in support of their physical activity.  So really if it was easy to add income, wouldn't everyone be doing it?  So I reflect and continue to see what else I can do.

Recently I have put my faith in God at the forefront of my decisions.  I pray that God will help take care of us, I submit my worries to Him and know that there is a plan for our well being.  Knowing this seems to make me feel better about where we are at with our life.  So while I have taken a break from our Williams Family Adventures blog they continue every day.  I am in need of an outlet again and here we go. I hope that you stay tuned and engage with me as this blog continues to morph!