Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Keep Calm and Lego on!

Ahhh who knew when you turned five years old that you would be infatuated with Lego's!  Well that was the theme of my son's fifth birthday party.  Becuase he is getting older and building friends he had the option to invite kids from his class. What I didn't know is that he would want to invite ALL 15 students.  Imagine 15 five year olds filling your home with their crazy energy.  All I could think of was that I used to teach preschool and I can handle this.  (Maybe).

I have found that the key to a great party or event is the plan and the specific little details of the plan. This allows for fun, enjoyment, a flow and adds to the special feeling people or kids will walk away with.  As a mother, I want to create wonderful memories for my children. I want them to remember themes, the decor, the fun and the enjoyment of their birthday celebrations.

In anycase I began planning his birthday party a few right after Christmas! Little did I know that was about the best thing I could have done becuase our family a few weeks ago became very ill, which seemed to cycle through each one of us every three days. 

I was able to fall back on the research I was doing through Pinterest, web searches and the like. I am also about being creative, making my own decorations, working with a friend who is also creative and enlisting her ideas (two heads better than one notion).  In anycase, I hit a few hiccups, persevered and threw a GREAT party!

I would call this birthday a wonderful success. Happy Birthday my son Keep Calm and Lego on! Thank to my friends to help me with the decor and for the free printable package I found online to use for personal use! I used parts of that and found lego wrapping paper etc.  What a great day!

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