Monday, February 10, 2014

What will 2014 Bring?

I am on a new Mommy adventure.  I of course continue to work fulltime in a school district but after my strokes I have been battling the notion of working part time, spending more time with my kids, being healthy and fit and needed to find a balance or a hobby. 

I am now an Independent Beachbody Online Coach.  What does that mean and what benefit is it for me?  Well what it means is that while on my own journey seeking out healthy lifestyle changes and getting myself back to a fit Margo I signed up to be a coach.  Here is my story!

While I answered a FB ad for a fitness challenge I purchased my fitness DVD pack and Shakeology I also signed up to be a coach. Originally I want to just access the discount to continue drinking my Shakeology at a discounted rate from what others purchase theirs for and any new fitness programs that go on sale I would get additional discounts on as well.  I was skeptical of being able to be an effective coach.  So I am giving myself a year.  It is month 5 now and I have already started receiving paychecks that are paying for my product each month and then some. I am growing my business!

I have started several challenge groups each month and continue to do that. I also have signed/sponsored one coach to my team and am looking for others.  I am in it and ready to make this happen.  My new goal is to pay off additional bills, and be able to reduce the time I spend at my own work in education.  With hard work and determination this will happen.

So if you are interested in Beachbody products, love to support others in their own journey to a better life making life transformational changes, want a discount on product and would love to work with me. Message me here, check out my Facebook page and website..  and  Chat with me about challenges, what it takes to join, and if you are interested in coaching opportunities we can chat about why this would be for you!