Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Mother Redefined!

Boy howdy!

Being a mother of two young boys is a tough but rewarding job.  Many times we don't spend enough time with the things that make us (mom's) individuals, who we are!  I have spent some time this past couple of months figuring that out again!
First 5K Oktoberfest 2013

I have been running and today I have just signed up for my third 5K run! The race, called Run For Your Nuts (part of a local Hazelnut Festival) will be my fourth run but third 5K run!  Recently I have been making time for myself, motivating myself to exercise, redefine my body and take some time for me! This was a hard concept as most mother's know and one that needed a little encouragement and support from her husband! (For others it could be a close friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or someone you trust) For me it was my husband who has helped to make it possible.  What I mean by this is that he is putting the kids to bed (almost) every single night, which frees me up to do things like go to the fitness studio, work out in my basement with T-25 and get my body ready for things like 5K runs! 
Color Vibe 5K October 2013

Honestly I think I am addicted to how good it feels to 1) accomplish small goals 2) have more energy and 3) build a stronger me (which supports my kids and family).  I have spoken to several friends who are new moms and they are in places where I used to be, trying to find the balance, being okay with taking time for themselves, and realizing that their kids need that strong positive role model which requires time doing the things you want to do!  It is a journey each mom takes and sometimes it takes a long time before the change from identifying yourself as solely a mother to more three dimensional mother who enjoys.......... (you fill in the blank). 

My journey with fitness has just recently begun and has been encouraged by my family.  I have now roped them into joining me!  This upcoming holiday our family will do something new! We will enjoy one of our favorite past times in a different manner.  We will see the Portland International Raceway Christmas lights by running/walking a 2 mile race on the raceway in the midst of the lights, our kids will decorate their bikes and wagons to participate in a holiday parade and we will hopefully begin a new tradition!  Rain or shine we will be there and we are getting ready this weekend!  It is spilling over into a family event and our kids love it!