Friday, November 21, 2014

Fall Birthday Fun

My youngest son has turned 3!

I am not quite sure where the time has gone but I do know that he has grown tremendously in the past three years.  In fact many think he is older because he is taller than what most would think a 3 year old would be.  I am curious to see where he falls on the charts but considering he comes up to my oldest son's shoulders (he's 6 going to be 7 soon) I'd say he is taller.  Which is great because quite frankly we don't have a ton of height in our  respective families.

That being said I thought it would be quite nice to have a birthday party at a farm. We have some friends who have a "Pumpkin Patch" farm and have an indoor hay maze, slide, big tire, wheat box (ie. like a sand box) and more tunnels to climb through. It is the perfect size for a bunch of kids and adults to have a party.

We were able to celebrate his birthday on the day of his birth which most often does not happen, but it fell on a Saturday.  We went to Green Bridges Gardens in Jefferson, Oregon. It is a great place! Honestly I love their produce store along with  the fresh apple cider.  So every time I go I pick up a gallon or two. 

The kids all had fun running themselves ragged.  They were all over the place, running from here to there, sliding down slides, or pretend playing in the wheat box.  Two hours of running, all the boys were exhausted and it didn't matter that it was cold outside. The first of many cold days to come.  It was a great inexpensive way to host a fall party.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Blog Rekindled

Hello all! I know I have taken a little vacation from this blog but now I am back! I have lots of things to share since the last time I posted! So let's get to it!

Monday, February 10, 2014

What will 2014 Bring?

I am on a new Mommy adventure.  I of course continue to work fulltime in a school district but after my strokes I have been battling the notion of working part time, spending more time with my kids, being healthy and fit and needed to find a balance or a hobby. 

I am now an Independent Beachbody Online Coach.  What does that mean and what benefit is it for me?  Well what it means is that while on my own journey seeking out healthy lifestyle changes and getting myself back to a fit Margo I signed up to be a coach.  Here is my story!

While I answered a FB ad for a fitness challenge I purchased my fitness DVD pack and Shakeology I also signed up to be a coach. Originally I want to just access the discount to continue drinking my Shakeology at a discounted rate from what others purchase theirs for and any new fitness programs that go on sale I would get additional discounts on as well.  I was skeptical of being able to be an effective coach.  So I am giving myself a year.  It is month 5 now and I have already started receiving paychecks that are paying for my product each month and then some. I am growing my business!

I have started several challenge groups each month and continue to do that. I also have signed/sponsored one coach to my team and am looking for others.  I am in it and ready to make this happen.  My new goal is to pay off additional bills, and be able to reduce the time I spend at my own work in education.  With hard work and determination this will happen.

So if you are interested in Beachbody products, love to support others in their own journey to a better life making life transformational changes, want a discount on product and would love to work with me. Message me here, check out my Facebook page and website..  and  Chat with me about challenges, what it takes to join, and if you are interested in coaching opportunities we can chat about why this would be for you!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Mother Redefined!

Boy howdy!

Being a mother of two young boys is a tough but rewarding job.  Many times we don't spend enough time with the things that make us (mom's) individuals, who we are!  I have spent some time this past couple of months figuring that out again!
First 5K Oktoberfest 2013

I have been running and today I have just signed up for my third 5K run! The race, called Run For Your Nuts (part of a local Hazelnut Festival) will be my fourth run but third 5K run!  Recently I have been making time for myself, motivating myself to exercise, redefine my body and take some time for me! This was a hard concept as most mother's know and one that needed a little encouragement and support from her husband! (For others it could be a close friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or someone you trust) For me it was my husband who has helped to make it possible.  What I mean by this is that he is putting the kids to bed (almost) every single night, which frees me up to do things like go to the fitness studio, work out in my basement with T-25 and get my body ready for things like 5K runs! 
Color Vibe 5K October 2013

Honestly I think I am addicted to how good it feels to 1) accomplish small goals 2) have more energy and 3) build a stronger me (which supports my kids and family).  I have spoken to several friends who are new moms and they are in places where I used to be, trying to find the balance, being okay with taking time for themselves, and realizing that their kids need that strong positive role model which requires time doing the things you want to do!  It is a journey each mom takes and sometimes it takes a long time before the change from identifying yourself as solely a mother to more three dimensional mother who enjoys.......... (you fill in the blank). 

My journey with fitness has just recently begun and has been encouraged by my family.  I have now roped them into joining me!  This upcoming holiday our family will do something new! We will enjoy one of our favorite past times in a different manner.  We will see the Portland International Raceway Christmas lights by running/walking a 2 mile race on the raceway in the midst of the lights, our kids will decorate their bikes and wagons to participate in a holiday parade and we will hopefully begin a new tradition!  Rain or shine we will be there and we are getting ready this weekend!  It is spilling over into a family event and our kids love it!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Shout Out to Single Parents!

I have the utmost respect for single parents!

I really don't know how some of you do it! Although I will say this. I am at the end of day 4 (of 8 days) and I have come to realize a few things:

1. Your normal routine will change BUT you must have a routine!
2.  Truly pick your battles!
3. Help is great and necessary BUT sometimes can be overwhelming!
4. YOU must give up for your kids!
My kids have been great while their dad has been away, even though I know both of them are merely missing the day to day interactions they have with their dad! You know like wrestling at night, being crazy, eating dinner together and on and on.  Despite the multiple questions from my almost two-year old like,   "where's daddy?"  and statements like, "I miss my daddy!" He is doing swimmingly!


The routine has changed, however there are a few parts of the routine that I would not negotiate.  First yes, eat what you want! Not just go have at the sweets (if we had any in the house) but what choices do you want for dinner and let's go shopping to pick it out!. That seems to have worked.  However, bedtime, the actual time for bed (non-negotiable) needed to provide for some structure and of course both boys are adhering to it. In fact both of them are almost putting themselves to bed. 


I always choose my battles with the boys. I don't have someone else to rely on to support me so the buck stops here. But I am reevaluating what my intended goal is.  Is it to just enforce rules? What rules? Why is that particular rule so important or should I focus on what I want to have happen and if there is an alternative way of getting to that end result than what I originally thought of is that altering my idea of parenting?  NO.. so go with it.  In the end it will save you time, and frustration.


I have help for sure. I have my mother in town supporting the kids and making sure I am able to get to work and the kids picked up and dropped of to the places that they need to be at.  I have planned for additional help (sitter) for the latter part of this week. Of course, this help is both necessary and wonderful and at the same time setting up for it, getting everyone on the same page and not forgetting something is difficult and overwhelming.


I have pushed the stuff I like to do aside, I have given up the TV shows I like and traded them for the Disney channel and Pixar movies and I have not had an adult conversation or "me" time until the very end of the day if at all because I am so exhausted.  So yes give up for your kids.  I do this partly to spend time with them and give them some normalcy but also to make sure that they are learning through this process. 
I am only walking in the single parent shoes for 8 days, but in the first four I have learned a tremendous amount. I only have two kids and the juggling act is ridiculous.  I have a new found appreciation for the time it takes single parents to plan, get kids where they need to be, hold down a job and constantly being needed.  It is a huge responsibility.  Some make it look so easy almost like there is no effort being put into it, but for me it is a struggle.  I love my kids, I love my work, I love my husband and I see an end. 

Mommy Blogger? How Do You Know?

The Definition~

Who would have thought many years ago when I was a student in the second or third grade around the time when the latest technology was an Apple IIe Computer and internet wasn't quite invented yet that there would be a phrase/title or occupation called "Mommy Blogger" or that there even would be a venue for publications almost like an online diary and for that matter any social media networking.  Today those terms are used all of the time and have changed the way in which we "do" things.  From advertising, writing in a diary, being earth friendly, what occupation we join to much, much more, our way of life is so vastly different from when I was a kiddo!

Wow as I reflect upon what I just wrote I feel kind of old.  Recently I read a blog post that when viral that shared in letter format how one mother is raising her boys to follow a moral compass.  Because of social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace (which seems obsolete since FB has taken over by storm)  or the many others (Pinterest, Linked In etc.) that the way in which we taught morals, values and manners have to be revisited.  These sites make it super easy to put something out there we all think to be cool, but sometimes we forget the repercussions of our actions.  Our way of life has changed and will continue to on a daily basis.  There will be new words, new language (texting) and many more ways to utilize the digital world. 

So how do you know if you have become a Mommy Blogger? What is that definition?  How do you know if you want to be a Mommy Blogger?  So I have thought about this for a while. I have thought about how my sister and her friend share a blog and have created a platform for their voice and their interests. Check it out "Good Luck with That" is the title of their blog.  Both she and her friend are mothers, and they both share a blog! That is the simplest definition of being a Mommy Blogger that I know of.  I am sure there might be some bloggers out there that might disagree. They don't get paid money or make money off of their blog (that I know of at this time).  There are also those bloggers out there that blog about their crafts, their interests and have become professional Mommy Bloggers. They go to blogging conferences, make money, network, link up to other vendors, provide giveaways etc.  Each has their own niche.  For example there is a friend of ours who's wife wrote a published a couple vegan cook books who also blogs about her cooking ideas and family. That's her niche.  Check that blog out!

So these are just a few Mommy Bloggers out there.  I am a full time working mother, who loves to craft, spends time on Pinterest, loves to plan/host parties, is an educator and much, much more.  I am not sure that I have completely found my niche yet in blogging but I continue to learn and grow and morph with these interests.  I also know that I have to balance my time with all this digital stuff with my family and my desire to put them first as well as my own work and hobbies.  So I consider myself a Mommy Blogger.  Will I ever be able to do this for dollars? I don't know, but it sure would be interesting to see how to get there (if I ever do).

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall is here ~ Halloween is Near!

Fall is here

Fall is here and Halloween is around the corner.  I've already picked out (along with my oldest son's input) the kids Halloween costumes.  I am sure since it is all the rage they will not be the only Monster's Inc. characters in the town we live in.  I am sure since several of his friends last year were all pirates that this will be the case.  So I haven't gotten into creating my own costumes, purely for the fact that I really just don't have time and finding things online or when I am out on a trip shopping for something else I find what I need (always planning ahead).  So as much as I would like to blog about the cute "family" style costumes I made, proudly this is not the case.

So I still think it will be super cute the two of them in their costumes. I hope to get  pictures of them together (but we all know how photos go in our home)!

I am late in the game in getting the house decorated for fall. I am planning to pick out my pumpkins and gourds and have pulled out the ghosts we made last year and will hang those up.  Maybe if I can snag some time this weekend to fill the void of daddy gone hunting, we will get crafty! We shall see!

I am ready for pumpkins, fall decorations, Chai Tea Lattes, Carmel Apple Spice Lattes, and my new favorite Salted Carmel Mochas from Starbucks.  Candles add a little bit of wonderful smells to the house and of course a warmth that is much better than just turning the heater on.  So I can't wait!
Pictures to follow!