Saturday, September 20, 2008

No pics yet.. But will be working on that today and tomorrow... So that brings me to some new stories.. Ty is growing bigger each and every day.. Still waking up once during the night (better than what was happening 2-5 times each time eating a full meal) we have since increased his food intake right before bed..... It seems to help.

A new daily adventure...Ty loves to walk while holding both of your hands.. We walk through the kitchen, we walk around the big living room and any where else he would like to go.. All the while he laughs and smiles and screams with excitement. Life is good. We are baby proofing the house yet again in preparation for his ind pendent walking.. Crawling still not on all fours but he gets around as quickly as he would on all fours. .... Yesterday he was so motivated to crawl from the little living room into the Kitchen to look out of the slider door that he crawled right out of his jeans... and ended up with his onesie on ... It was funny.. I turned away and turned back and there he was with his pants left behind...

He also his pulling himself up to stand by hanging on to your shirt, or pant legs.. He seems to like to be upright these days... He stands up with the couch for support and is very adventurous. He takes a step and holds on and sometimes he will fall.

He certainly is a ham.. We enjoy him so much..

Well I will work on pictures soon.

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