Monday, September 15, 2008


WOW what an adventure... One morning on the way to work appeared the Honey Buckets, the Allied Waste Cans (by the dozens) tents, lights on the German looking buildings, smell of Krout and brautworst and Polka Music. Yes that is what I endured for three days during the week and a few on the weekend. Not only that but I worked the DOUGH BOY booth for our school district. YES I went home exhausted from working a donut booth for three hours on Thursday the opening of Oktoberfest weekend.

I think I even ate breakfast, lunch and dinner (and dessert) for two days during work. Work oh yeah what is that? Most everyone in the school district is involved somehow in this festival.. In fact there are many booths worked by all of our staff, the district hosts on their property portions of this festival (which from my drinking days I would never have known)..

Ty and Byron and I went and enjoyed the WEINGARTEN Friday evening and listened to the Polka music, the Chicken Dance song among many others. They met many people I worked with.. Ty was not so sure about the loud music but did meet a four month old he patted her head. They both seemed interested in each other.. (Someone like me... hmmm...) So as a family we enjoyed time together walking around, seeing new sights, and experiencing yet something new together..

It was somewhat exhausting. Sunday we went on a family Bike Ride into Aumsville and back to Stayton. In all we logged 15 more miles round trip.. Ty of course slept the entire way until we visited with some old neighbors at our rest stop on top of Hospital Hill.

Well that is the update.. We are now full on into the work week.. and tired.

Take care.

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