Sunday, July 10, 2011

Parenting of two same or different?

I was out and about today running a few errands before our family vacation this upcoming Friday, when I noticed mom's with more than one child.  I watched intently and thought about how this new child will add another level to our lives.  I wondered how these women juggled it, wondered how their first borns handled it, and wondered how Byron and I will do both juggle it all and how Ty will handle it.  I was certainly in awe at how these women maneuvered shopping, the day to day activities, dealt with melt downs and moved right along.  What will I be like? 

I have an idea but of course I have lots of ideas of what things might be like and in reality they come close or not so close to those pictures I have in my head.  Only time will tell.  Will parenting become easier, more difficult or somewhere in between?  Will time feel shorter with more on our plate to juggle or will it be the same?  What will shift for us?  Though I have a million questions and continue to paint the picture of what it will be like I am smiling. I am excited about this change, our new addition to our family! I am blessed to have been a mom once but twice, I am twice blessed!  Life is only getting better. 
So it really won't matter what will change or if it will be the same or different having two children.  They are loved both tremendously already and we are so blessed to have them in our lives to be able to nurture and provide for them that we will embrace any changes, differences or similarities that may  come.

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