Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Much needed girls night...

It was a rare occasion last night to enjoy a "girls night" out.  I was able to go shopping, do dinner and have adult conversation that did not revolve around kid interruptions. So glad to have that time.  Though shopping did consist of going to Pottery Barn Kids (for kid bedroom ideas), and the Container Store for organizing ideas for the house the time was really about ME. 

I was able to shop with as much time as I needed, be undecided and go to another store while thinking about the item that I was undecided about and return to pick it up and I was able to think about items on the list and for upcoming events such as Christmas. Once a mom always a mom I guess but nothing brings me greater joy than to provide for my family!

Dinner was enjoyable and seemed to drag on like neither my friend and I wanted it to end. That was relaxing. We chatted about work, family, life and the sale of homes with all the frustrations and excitements.  Needless to say I was stuffed.  PF Changs you can't really go wrong there.  I got home late and was welcomed home by my husband putting Ty to bed while I relaxed a bit.  It is always nice to know that when you are away from home and your kid and your husband that you are missed and wanted.  I relished in listening to the stories of the evening and enjoyed the fact that I was needed as well as having the support to have my own time. 

Girls night out... LOVE IT!  Here's to more on the horizon. 

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