Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Toddler Conversations

It is amazing how much Ty's imagination is going a mile per minute. It is amazing how much he is putting things together and making sense of the world around him.  He constantly comes up with funny things to say, witty things to say and his own perspective shines through.  If I could record every second of the day I would.  Unfortunately I don't have time to do that nor the capabilities to keep such extensive recordings.  I just smile and engage in the conversation.

Sometimes the conversation is plagued by ums, or word searching and sometimes they even make sense.  There are so many words coming out of his mouth it is amazing.  He recites movie lines, and books while reading now and he enjoys communicating.  There are times (oddly enough) when I need to remind Ty of his ability to use his words instead of screaming and pointing and really that happens only when he is tired and cranky.  

Overall I love the conversations we have.  I love his curiosity. I love when he tells me he and his daddy will fix something and that he is surprised I can do the same things. I smile when he talks seriously, when he shares his worries and when he tries to crack a knock, knock jokes.   What I especially love is the honesty with his statements.  Kids say the dangest things. They tell the truth though they try to lie. They blurt things out as they see them and have no filter.  I especially love that.  It is funny though as we grow older the social norms require us to use filters within our conversations, to be polite, politically correct and to know your audience.  Toddlers have no worries when it comes to these rules of engagement.  We get the priveledge of smiling and teaching those norms. What a wonderful experience.

Can't wait for the next conversation with my son!

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