Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Needed Vacation

It is not often that we've been able to pull together a large vacation and very rare to be vacationing with my Sister and her husband.  What I know about this is that this upcoming vacation is very needed for a variety of reasons.  This will be our first family vacation with Ty that requires a flight that is more that a puddle jumper to Seattle.  Though he is super excited there I am sure is some nervous energy around getting on the plane again.  I am so thrilled to be taking Ty to a destination where we can play on the beach or in the swimming pools all day long if needed.  I am elated to be able to relax and enjoy new things and just get out of the very mundane days that all flow together.  But truly I am happy to document this final milestone for Byron, Ty and Myself as a threesome.  Soon we will become four.  This is special time for Ty.

This upcoming Sunday Byron and I will be celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary.  Can't believe that 7  years of marriage is here already! WOW is all I can say.  It certainly is not easy work but truly work to communicate, to plan, to constantly check with each other and be on the same page, to parent and to listen to each other.  This will be the second of 7 anniversary's that we are spending in Hawaii.  I am not sure if this is a trend we will continue but it just so happens that we will be on an island. I am not sure what the traditional "gift" for seven years is so I guess I had better get to looking.  I truly have been caught up in getting things together for this trip.  It will be nice to celebrate soon. 

Finally, the vacation comes at a nice time for myself as a mom, though I won't be able to go on a zip line or enjoy certain hikes, I am aiming to relax.  Not fold laundry (too much), not transport to play dates, or juggle day care needs, but to just RELAX.  Knowing that in a short few months our second son will arrive, I want to spend a tremendous amount of time with Ty making special memories and documenting our whole experience.  I don't want to have a care in the world.  Ever had that need?  Ever fulfilled it?  Maybe I will hit a spa one day, or have a fabulous dinner (with a virgin drink at this time).  Maybe I will just sit by the beach listening to the waves roll in and out.  Or maybe I will play in the pool.  Either way my main mission is to relax.  Life is too short to schedule yourself and pin yourself to dates and times.  I will be on island time...

I am sure that I will not be ready to come back, or needless to say ready to begin work two days after we arrive home.  That is okay though nothing is going to beat this time away.  I hope to be refreshed and ready to go for August weeks and weekends are already packed with other mini vacations, chores around the house, and other events to attend.  Then the preparation for Ty to begin preschool.  (That is a whole other blog posting coming soon to a blog near you!) 

With that being said, I will leave you all with a picture of relaxation!

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