Thursday, July 7, 2011

What to name your child.

With our first born Byron and I were meticulous about what to name our child.  We both came to the table with differing ideas and rationale for what NOT to name our son.  Byron came to the table with a list of names that would have horrible nick names for others to call him and we crossed those off the list.  I came to the table with names of students I previously had experience teaching and those names were stricken from the list.  We then looked through books and created a list of potential names for our first born son and had serious discussion crossing those off the list that we liked but that friends or families had already named their children with.  WHEW what an arduous process.  We decided very easily on a girls name, (unfortunately at that time we were not having a girl) we thought we'd save for later.  Little did we know we would be having a second boy and so the girl name will be archived until further notice. 

We are faced with the same process again but I must say this time it feels a bit easier and a bit faster. I wonder why that is? Well I have a few theories.  We know what we like, what sounds good with our family name, and have already completed the arduous process of naming our first.  We want a good solid name, a name that brings character, and a name that our little guy will identify with creating his own personality.  I am sure you are all wondering what or if we have decided.  Well, that will be shared soon enough!:-)

Until then my friends.  Here is a sneak peak of our little guy!  This was from our first ultrasound.

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