Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Where has the time gone?

Well we are fast approaching the new year 2012. Odd to say for sure. We will soon be saying goodbye to this fun-filled year 2011. Today we have remembered our year was full of CHANGE! We sold our house on a whim in one month flat. We were thinking of job changes and turned down some jobs. We found out we were having a new addition to our family and he was born on Nov. 8th! Welcome Caleb. We purchased a new home and moved. Our family had a wonderful trip to Hawaii and there is much more! What a fabulous year! As we look forward to what 2012 will bring we know that we will be enjoying every new moment our kids will share. Ty is turning 4 soon! We are looking at some cards and have thought the one posted looks nice but are not sure of it yet and still working out the details of the party for sure... Let me know what you think? The theme obviously has been requested to be SUPER HEROES! Caleb will share all of his first with us and to date they include, gaining a tremendous amount of weight in a short amount of time, lifting his head quite nicely,smiling, cooing and grabbing things. We are excited to have him around. His brother Ty is so great with him! He loves to kiss him, and cuddle! We shall see how long that lasts.. LOL.. Byron will be taking paternity leave shortly as I will have to head back to work with mixed feelings about that. (I am still trying to win millions so I don't have to ) Here's hoping 2012 brings that string of luck. I am looking forward to loosing baby weight and enjoying my boys! I have begun looking at what my new years resolutions might be.. I think one will be to engage in outdoor activity to support my needs of loosing baby weight and the second one will be to continue to record our live in some format or maybe multiple formats i.e., blogs, photo books and letters to my children every so often. I have to get one that for the new year for both of them. Want something to leave behind for them to have and cherish. On that somber note. Happy New Year all! Here's to 2012 may this year bring you all joy, happiness and a ton of adventure!

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