Monday, January 10, 2011

Welcome 2011

As we celebrated Christmas and the New Year our Williams family reflected on 2010. Though all agreed 2010 flew by rather quickly we enjoyed many things. We enjoyed spending time with each other, watching each other grow, appreciated what we have, and the many extra curricular things we have engaged in. We ave been thankful for our health (though lately has been a rough road with the never ending cold!).

With that and the many memories captured in pictures, video, blogs,and in our brains we have closed the year 2010! WELCOME 2011! We are super excited about what opportunities you bring to our Williams family!

What we hope to accomplish in the year 2011 is a rather tall order but one that we are ready to address head on and we are already making progress.  Byron and I have many HUGE decisions in front of us. We have been working with several building contractors in looking at bids, home plans etc. to take this current house down to almost 4 walls and rebuild to our specifications main floor and adding a floor. Though we haven't finished with this process we are excited and realistic about this process as well as comparing that to selling the house with a Realtor. Where would we go.. we are open to the mid-Willamette valley (which covers the current area we live in among many others) that decision is one to be made once we have all the information we need. We finally own our 23+ acres outright! A burden lifted yesterday as we made the final payment. We are super excited! Now on to other things...

Ty turns three at the end of this month and we are busy with plans for his kid party and then for a family party. This is helpful because our family is so incredibly large and Ty has many friends that he wants to include this year.  He walks around saying that he will be tree. :-) He loves riding his new bike that he received for Christmas and still is full of lots of energy.  We love watching and listening to all the new things he talks about and does for us.  Byron and I are deciding where Ty will be attending preschool in the fall. So much fun to know that he is excited for school too! All exciting times.

So as we get into 2011 we are optimistic, excited and open to the many opportunities there are ahead of our Williams family!

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