Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Little Freedom

I was trying to remember the first time that I learning to ride my bike. I think it was like 6 ot 7 years old, though I am not truly sure.  I should probably ask my parents.  Who knew that this would be the summer or that TODAY would be the day that my four and half year old son would learn to ride his bike without training wheels! I can't tell you how incredibly proud I am.  I didn't know what kind of emotional thing that would be for me but really I have the biggest sense of pride right now.  My son can ride his bike without training wheels.  WOW Really?!

Ty has been requesting that his Uncle Mike (my brother) come down and help him to ride his bike without training wheels.  Well today was the day.  Uncle Mike steadied the bicycle, Ty hopped on and off they went. Mike held the seat for a few minutes and let him go.  Off he went without even knowing how incredibily independent he was being and how proud of him we all were.  

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