Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Leveled Up Means Growing Up!

Several Parent-Tot swim lessons ago the instructor mentioned to me that Ty was close to the age where he should really be in a different class with peers his own age (though there were a few with us in our Parent-Tot class still) and that he seems to take direction well it might be time for him to move on. I wasn't sure how I felt about that. But I looked around our particular class and realized that he was one of three that were of age to move on. All other students were 6 months to a year old.  Clearly we were old enough. But the question was, is Ty ready and hmm.. better yet how did I feel about this move?

I thought about it for the rest of the lesson and came to the conclusion that Ty was not 3 years old yet and that we could stand to participate in this class at least another month. So we attended a few more classes until this past Friday. October 22nd, 2010... the day I made the decision. I hadn't thought about the decision until I was in the car hurrying home to pick Ty up for Swimming. I hadn't even made the decision on the way there. I made the decision as I walked into the "Courthouse" gym! I spoke with Ty and he was excited to try a new class.

Here's how it went. We walked in a little late. I spoke with one of the level 1 instructors who had their hands full with 8 kiddos already. Ty was shy. I sat on the floor next to the pool for 10 minutes waiting for Ty to warm up and get in the pool. They played the "car wash" game and Ty was hooked. I moved back to sit with the parents.

Boy isn't that a weird feeling, watching this little man participate, follow directions and swim with others in the pool. He took to the first instructor and a few of the kids.  I looked at the Parent-Tot class and realized that there were many additions of young moms with young 6 month old's and that class was overflowing. What a timely decision.  My thoughts originally were if this didn't work out this time we would continue with the Parent-Tot class. Now my thoughts were to stay here!

Ty continued his swim lesson by participating, taking breaks, popping out of the pool to wave at me, smile and give me a thumbs up. He then pointed to the second lap pool, deeper and colder pool and asked to get in there. I nicely said no and explained he should stay in the warmer pool with his friends and teacher. So he did. The parent next to me smiled a few times later and said boy he is a character isn't he.  Yes he is!

So I guess the ending of the story is this. Ty is growing up. He will be three years old soon. He is capable of many things. It is nice for me to step back and let him experience the world of swimming on his own. He was so proud to tell his father on the way home and I couldn't have been more proud~

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