Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Write a book?

I was listening to someone yesterday who was sharing a few woes about her life to me.  I suggested she and her husband co-author a book. I told her that it might be therapeutic. Her response, "We've thought about it because telling our stories verbally no one really believes it, it is all sorts of crazy!"  It got me thinking, that there are bumps in every ones road through life that one might term "CRAZY." Everyone's story is different, but what really makes a best seller?  Is is the more dramatic the real life story? The way it was written with all sorts of descriptor words that pull you as the reader in? Or is it the personal connection that can be made?  What is it?  I know of several people who are published for poetry, cookbooks, and children's books.  What inspired them to write those pieces?  Obviously, one person loves to cook a certain way, one enjoyed teaching and children's stories, and the other had a knack for writing Haiku.  They were connected with words, stories and passionate about what they were (are) doing. 

Check it out:  Peas and Thank You (a friends wife is the author) and Peas and Thank You Again cookbooks.  My fathers haiku work.  There are just a few things that I am referring to.

My sister and I often joke about writing our life story. Would people be interested in reading it? What makes our lives so special that someone would want to read about it? Would our words captivate an audience, an audience that might be one like Oprah had with her book club back when she televised her talk show (that is now obsolete).  The notoriety of being on Oprah's Book Club would be great, but is that really the reason to share your story?  Aside from being a therapeutic or cathartic means of processing or reflecting on your own life what else would the purpose of sharing our story?  To help others, to get the word out about something?  Do we share our woes? Is that proper? So many questions, so little answers.

There are educators that have their students write and publish books as part of a class assignment. Internet sites make it easy for you to get an actual bound book finished product.  Students get a sense of pride when they see their final work in that type of format. 

So I am still undecided as to "if" I will embark upon that journey. Maybe I will just stick to the blog posts from time to time and reflect upon my life's path up to today, I am young still (so I think), I certainly have things to share but don't know if I have what it takes to captivate an audience to sit down and read about "MY" life story, interests or even if I would capture those pieces.  Maybe I can con my sister into co-authoring a book in the future but for now I will stick to my blogging and own reflections and leave the writing to others.


  1. Great reflection. Thank you for sharing

  2. Thanks much a friend of mine sent me a link.. Check this out if you are interesting in writing. I think it is pretty cool.. http://www.thelifewriter.com I plan to check this out.. Thanks JRAB.