Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Red, White, & Blue of it All


This year I've decided to try my hand at being crafty for the Fourth of July!  In celebration, I decided to create some outdoor décor for my home.  I love going to our local crafty antique stores and am certainly a Pinterest fanatic.  So on one of my "waste time might as well go to the antique/craft store" adventures I found a bundled stack of old stakes.  I was intrigued and put them in my basket.  Of course I loved just the look of the bundled sticks tied with a single piece of twine.  I thought I would just hang on to them for a rainy day project.

Light Bulb

The other day my light bulb came on, and I realized exactly what I would do with these stakes.  I would try my hand at creating a small sized wooden American flag for decoration.  I had a million ideas about how to put it together but really wanted a easy go of it. 

Looking like an American Flag yet?  Well it will I promise.  What a few cans of Red, White and Blue spray paint and some blue with white stars washi tape (from Pick Your Plum) will do for the finished project! Take a look.

Happy Fourth of July!

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