Friday, May 28, 2010

It is great being a Mother. Ty has provided Byron and I (among many others) joy and laughter. Recently I received a mother's day gift that I have begun playing around with.  I received a very special digital camera with several lenses. I feel like paparazzi now but fun none-the- less... So with that here are some pics that I would like to share. 

 Ty and Byron enjoying time at the park behind our home. Throwing rocks into the pond and watching the splash and ripples seem to be a favorite of Ty, relaxing for Byron and gives me time to play around with my toys. 

What a big boy now. No fear for sure. Ty has become a huge fan of the park and playing on the structures. He watches the other kids and pretends. His favorite is to climb and slide down the circular slide. Ready , set, go!

Peek a boo... Ty is on the Jordan Bridge peeking over the edge to see the water. What I was unable to capture is the almost head first fall in.. Whoops.  All is well.

Oh yeah, TY LOVES to GOLF... Ladies and gentleman, Golfer Ty Williams! More on the golfing scene soon.

So as you can see being a mother, parent and wife has fulfilled my life in ways unimaginable. I love my family! I love my new toy as well. I love watching Ty grow up. I love watching Byron be a wonderful father to Ty and he is definitely a wonderful husband to myself. What more could I ask for? Answer: Nothing!

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