Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Reminding me of my Youth!

Remember reading books as a child with your parent or siblings? I do. The excitement in finding characters like "Goldbug" from Richard Story's book Cars and Trucks and Things that Go remains with me as I read that book to Ty. I love his sweet voice sharing the excitement saying things like, "What's that?" and "WOW!"  Then there are the silly things that I get to be part of with Ty and Byron such as peek a boo, laughing at the movie Toy Story 1 and 2 over and over again, being curious, playing with bubbles and exploring new things and answering all the why questions that seem to be continuous.

Recently our family enjoyed the weekend around Sun River, OR. It was there we relaxed, enjoyed the outdoors and being a family with minimal interruptions or the daily grind of work or house related chores staring us in the face. We were able to just nap if we wanted to, play in the hot tub, go for walks, play golf, teach Ty to cast a fishing pole and laugh with him when he shared the excitement of "looky mama I wishing" (meaning I am fishing!) A much needed time away from all responsibilities as well as time to get to build our family time.   Byron and I have found we don't often get our family time with all the request we are faced with. So this was a treat!

We are in the month of June with little time to get our summer plans together. High on the list is to potty train completely with Ty, a few family excursions and relaxing times as well. Time to scale back and cherish each day with each other. I will be winding down with my work responsibilities soon and I am thankful for that. This year has been an interesting one and one that has come with lots of hard decisions to make. Recently had to lay off a few teachers and make over hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cuts. Byron's work too has been in similar situations making tough decisions regarding staff and cutting back on over time. We both are thankful to have our jobs and income.

So with all of that said, Byron and I are constantly reminded of our youthful years with having Ty around. We so enjoy him. He has so much energy, is very intelligent and the light with language continues to click surprising us at every turn.

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