Saturday, July 3, 2010

The importance of GAMA's and PAPA's!

Besides the ever so wonderful Toy Story montage that our family ends up watching at any given point in time, Gama's and Papa's are very important to Ty. Whether he Skype's with them or visits with them or is babysat by them, Gama's and Papa's are talked about much in this family. There is the wonderful repeated conversation (over and over) about the whereabouts of Gama's and Papa's.  "Momma where Papa?" "At Work, At Home?" "Momma where Gama?" "At work, at home?" Each Gama and Papa have their own specialness.

Papa Williams: Flannel Shirts, Blue pickup truck, mischief with tools, shop, playing outside
Papa Johnny: Cars, Mack, watching movies, going to the car to find a present in the front seat, Skype
Gama Williams: Pillow cases, babysitting, playing with cousins, horses rides, Disney movies
Gama Gracie: Cameras, peek a boo, art supplies, Skype, outside play, Lucky, phones

I am sure there is much much more if I really took the time to think about it. We have been blessed to have two Gama's and two Papa's that are very much involved in our son's life.  Ty absolutely loves it.

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