Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Wishin Mama!

WOW never underestimate what your 2 and 1/2 year old son can do! For the first time Byron and I took Ty camping and fishing! Knowing what an outdoors man he truly is we knew this adventure would certainly be just that, an ADVENTURE.  Little did we know that the CARS (Pixar Movie) red fishing pole would reel in the biggest fish of our trip.

I will say that once we got settled in the drift boat, a boat we have never put into the water and dropped both anchors the "wishing" began.  Byron realized for the first time why his father was never able to enjoy fishing. This reality came when he continuously changed bait, put new hooks on the line, grabbed the net for either myself or Ty and removed the hooks from the fish' mouth then placing them on the string back in the water.  Byron enjoyed every bit of it though. He was able to throw his line in and reel some in as well. But this was not on his time frame. Of course when he caught a fish it was not at the most opportune time. :-)

I was the first to catch a fish on this day.  My first wasn't very big. It was keep-able but barely.  We released this one and a few more like that throughout the day.  Ty was next to catch the biggest fish of the day! He was such a trooper reeling in his line. He would reel and reel. I don't think he actually knew what was going to be on the other end. But once he did he beamed! We scooped the fish into the net and Byron a proud father sat to have the first photo of the day! All Ty could say was, "my wishy, my wishy" and point.  He was unsure of the fish flopping around in the boat.  After his catch he decided he would help others.  Such a guide!

All in all he loved the drift boat, tried to row, fished a little and tried to pull the anchor. Ty was equipped with blankie and binky, snacks and of course fishing bait that he picked out at the store.  I might add it was great bait.  The next day we went "wishing" again.  For the second time, Ty reeled in the biggest fish and his fishing expedition was complete!  The camping resort even took a picture of him with his fish! I am  hoping they posted it online but I have not been able to find it as of yet.  (I will have to check again).

Ty is such an outgoing, active kiddo and has such good instincts about activities and even people it amazes me.  There is nothing that this kiddo can't do!

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