Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Early Morning Risers

Back to work I went this past Monday. Amazing how years ago when I was a child I dreaded but loved the day I had to return to school. Nothing has changed. I have enjoyed a wonderful (short) month off, packed full with travel plans, staying up late, relaxation and more. Back to work I went.  Though as I awoke this morning I was not prepared to see darkness outside (5:25am). The realization today (my third day back) was huge, "I AM BACK TO WORK!" Not only do I need to settle myself into a work routine, early mornings, early evenings, I must adjust to the changes in weather and the light. I must also get Ty back into my routine. Such cruelty I say, but necessary for all involved.

Work provides another dimension into my life. I am a mother, a goal oriented person and I am proud to work. I do a damn good job if I say so myself.  I am constantly multitasking. Even as I write this blog! (Drinking coffee, listening to the news and also planning in my brain all the things I have to get completed prior to leaving this morning.) Ty goes to daycare again this week, he is very excited to see his playmates though I haven't told him he won't be going for approximately a month yet. His daycare provider Meg will be popping a child out any minute these days. We are just waiting for the call. Good thing I am right down the road from her I can swing by and pick him up!

So yes I am settling back into my routine, grabbing my quiet time in the early morning hours and preparing to get to work. I must say, the transition this year was not as emotional as they have been in the past.  "It is what it is, is my belief so I must go back to work.  It is a love hate relationship. I like it when I am there, I hate it when I am on vacation!

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