Thursday, August 19, 2010

New found respect

I have a new found respect for working single parents. Not just mom's out there, though I am sure there are many, but the working single dad's too! I get to experience this when Byron works relatively late. I have had the pleasure of this three times this week.  WOW it is crazy. Thank GOD I work the hours that I do and not some craziness of a grave yard shift or swing shift, (I have spent time doing that as a teenager though). I also have a new found respect for those spouses that get up early before their kids awake and arrive home after a long days work and their kids are asleep. TOUGH.

We each have responsibilities to parent, provide and have balance in life. I am reminded of this each and every day that I work a full 8 plus hours, come home and work another 4 and then have a few moments to myself while ignoring the rest of the "WORK" related household chores that did not get completed because I was spending time with Ty.

WOW the energy a 2 and 1/2 year old takes and exudes.  I love the boundless energy but it is tiring. I have given myself and Byron permission to rest a few minutes in the evening and not get bogged down with what was not accomplished.  This is only to support balance in our lives. The interesting part is that I would not trade our life for the world. We enjoy the times that Ty surprises us with a new word in his vocabulary, a new laugh, a new  funny dance and all the, "I miss you daddy, I love you" and, "I miss you momma, I love you's."  Even with the two year old teething fits, I would not change our life for the world!

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