Friday, February 3, 2012

Pack it all in!

That's what I say pack in everything you can and don't waste a minute.. But be prepared for melt downs and or exhausted children running on empty. We reap what we sow right? Right! Last weekend I did just this. I packed in a Super Hero 4 year old Birthday party.
Our family dressed up as Superman, Wonder Woman, Ty's rendition of Batman, and Baby Caleb's Super Baby onsie. This was super fun. We had blue velvet super hero cupcakes made from scratch! We decorated the house with red, yellow and blue balloons, Batman and Spiderman streamers and hanging decorations, as well as the appropriate super hero confetti. Activities included large coloring sheets, stick the Batman sticker on Batman's chest, and tattoo station. Party favors were in abundance. Each kiddo left with a homemade personalized super hero cape and a Batman bucket full of party items. Kids had a blast.
As you can tell I love going over board for my son's birthday parties. Each year it takes me at least a month in advance to get the right invitation, theme and pull everything together. Ty and his friends absolutely loved the party. There were many adults in attendance what was neat about that is that almost every adult dressed up as well. Wearing t-shirts with superhero's on them or creating their own superhero costume fun was had by all. Whew that was one tremendous party! Happy Fourth Birthday to my oldest son Ty! May this year bring you lots of fun exciting things to learn, to do and may your growth continue to be a blessing in our lives!

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