Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Four Months and a Four Year Old!

Today Caleb turns four months old. Happy milestone honey! I am amazed at the verbalization's, the smiles, the many giggles and mini routine that you are in. Thank you every day for all of those small wonderful joys. Ty is four years old these days and giving Byron and I the time of our lives. The conversations we have are intriguing, funny and honest. We absolutely love it!
I often ask myself, "when will I find the time?" There are so many things I want to do for the house decor, cute ideas for Ty his school and teachers, projects to do with the kids etc. I have stumbled upon Pinterest the keeper of my ideas now. Through Pinterst I have found many new blogs that seem to make things possible or at least I think that and then find out that many of the blog authors are stay at home moms with time on their hands during "naptime". None the less I read their blogs and continue to ask the question, "When will I find the time?" I am busy these days with full time employment, two kiddos at home, supporting Ty's schooling, volunteering, taking continuing education classes (required to continue my educators administrators license) and doing fun things, seeing friends etc. Wow that is a lot. I also am taking on other fun things such as baby shower planning. I am super excited about that. There are so many things I am interested in.. cupcake making, photography, design etc. I admire my sister and friend who are dedicated to trying 12 new things a year (one a month). I just don't have that flexibility to be able to be dedicated to that. I also then remind myself that my journey in life is much different. So I CAN do things differently. I can list out those "wants and desires" and do my best to fit them in, in some way into a crazy working mom's life! I am blessed with great friends, family and a loving husband and two wonderful boys! What more could I ask for? Oh yeah and Happy Leap Year. I figure today is an extra day that I can begin to reinvent myself in some way. I am starting with this blog posting.

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