Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Pinteresting Party~ Anyone in?


Oh the pinteresting places you'll go (spoof from Dr. Seuss' quote).  Tonight, as I was working on a project I found and pinned to my Home Decor board, I wondered what I ever did without Pinterest.  I realized that this year my creativity and zest for doing things craftily and within a shorter budget, cause lets face it we all want to save money, has increased 10 fold with my introduction to Pinterest.  I find Pinning to calm me a little bit. Maybe it is because I am finding my interests in an organizing way. Maybe it is because I love to be creative? Maybe it is because I see what others might be interested in as well and share some common bond with people I truly know and others I don't know. I have started following different blogs, different Pinterest boards, and have a variety of ideas that I will accomplish. 


An Idea~ Anyone Pinterested?

I have heard of Linky Party's, and Pinning Party's, where bloggers linky projects or ideas or blog posts to one place to share and connect with each other or pinn the same type of subject within pinterest.  I was however thinking of hosting a Pinteresting Party.  What type of party is that you say. Well for those who I know or live within driving distance I would host a party.  Each Pinteresting Party would have some sort of theme, for example baking, crafting, home decor, clothing etc.  For those biggere Pinterest Ideas we would collaborate on a project.  For those smaller ideas you would bring your own stuff set up shop and work on projects sharing ideas with each other but actually working on projects from ideas that we have found from our friend Pinterest.  This would be a great way to complete some of those many ideas found on pinterest, increase our comraderie, and just plan ole have a great time.  Any of you interested?

Pinteresting Projects I have Completed

On my pinterest page I have created a board called Things I've Tried from Pinterest.  This is the place that I repin projects, ideas, meals etc., that I have tried.  Take a look by clicking the link above. 

Comment if you would be interested in attending a Pinteresting Party.  I would host, it could evolve and it will be great!

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