Sunday, July 1, 2012

A new challenge ~

Last day of June

And finally, here's the photo a day July list! Are you going to play along? Details on how to play on my blog: is the last day of June. Oddly enough it doesn't seem right. However tomorrow begins the month of July and I am ready, ready for new challenges.  Not only does the new month bring the new daily photo challenge hosted by Fat Mum Slim and the challenge to follow through with the entire month, but it brings new life (babies), and new experiences.



Take a look today's subject is Self Portrait.  Hmm I thought about drawing a self portrait. Then I thought about taking yet another picture of myself.  But really I am not wanting to do that either. So here's what I came up with.

#photoadayjuly  Self Portrait

Not the most flattering picture of me.. but better this way.. Still trying to loose the baby weight. Working on the running entering back into my life as per a previous post as well as engaging in the P90X program. But really this picture captures quite a bit about who I am.  I am a working woman, hence the heels. I have been sleep deprived for quite some time, hence the coffee (probably my 5th cup today and it is 7:41 pm) and no it will not keep me awake. I love my flowers, my yard and home hence the flowers in the background (I am facing).  In my back pocket are paint brushes and kids working gloves. This depicts that I am crafty, roll my sleeves up around the house (love to paint my house that is) and have kids who also love to work outside.  What else.  I love my hat for a little bit of flava and I often love walking around without my shoes on, especially when I am at home. I think this picture speaks to who I am.

Help Me! Help Me!

I think it is time that I enlist my readers for support in keeping the momentum and keeping up on my daily photo challenge.  I have also been looking for other opportunities to get creative, and learn more about photography.  A local photographer (self trained but you'd never know it) has offered a basic course this July for a reasonable price on how to use your DSLR camera and capture photographs.  I have signed up.   Check out some of Whimsy Hollow's work.  Here is a photograph of my son's preschool teacher's daughter.  Know the story?

 You should check out her work on Whimsy Hollow Photography facebook page or on Whimsy Hollow's website and you can also find her work on her blog.  So I am excited.  Please support me through the month of July by making comments on my blog itself, encouraging me through my facebook page Sweet Williams Family and check in with me daily to see how my photographs change and grow throughout this month. 

If you want you can ask me about my excercise, party planning (which I am mentally researching my next party plan) and anything else that you would like.  I may or may not answer but know that you and your comments or posts to this particular blog will keep me going and involved and up for the challenge.

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