Saturday, March 23, 2013


I was about to be sugared! I was super excited..
Have you ever been sugared? Well I have. It is a form of  waxing that is more "green" , environmentally friendly than normal waxing. The product is all natural.  My spa person said the product was made out of  so much sugar, lemon juice and one other part (I can't remember). So all natural AND she was super excited about limiting waste because it is biodegradable.  Currently most spas have tremendous amounts of waste.  Waste includes: the sticks used to spread wax, the wax itself, the cups that hold the wax and the strips of paper that are used to pull the wax.  Nothing "green" about any of that other than the color (sometimes) of the wax used.  So in my spa person's plight to become more environmentally friendly she sought out training to SUGAR!
She has eliminated so much waste at this point already and she is not even all the way transitioned completely away from wax yet (but is 3/4 of the time only using the sugar product).  She trained in Portland and is to my knowledge the only one that uses this kind of method for waxing down in the Willamette Valley.  Good for her to seek out new ways, ideas and her thoughtful insights to her environmental impact. 
If you haven't tried it you should, at least once to form your own opinion. 

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