Sunday, March 24, 2013

Welcoming Random Plans

Spring Break

Normally, or shall I say, in the past prior to this particular gig I have, now called work, I had Spring Break off without pay much like all the other teachers around the country. Yes I said without pay.  They are days that are not part of the working contract and are therefore unpaid.  I had grown accustom to having time off regularly around Thanksgiving (due to conferences), Winter Break (Christmas through New Years), Spring Break and then again end of June through late August.  However, for the past four years as a school administrator I had most of those things off but a shorter summer.  Now as an administrator in a different school district I have a year round contract.  For the
first time in my life I have to take paid vacation. Interesting changes, which also means I must plan out vacation time to cover those times my kids are off.  This is a new thing and I am adjusting.

That being said,  this Spring Break is going to be random. Random plans.  As most who know me well I am a plan it out kind of gal.  I like to know well in advance what the plans are, who is involved and then I prepare accordingly.  So random Spring Break plans is another first for me.  I do however have a little structure for the week, my medical appointments.  Yes, couldn't get around that.  I have my weekly INR blood level check on Thursday (am), and Friday am 1 month follow up visit with a neurologist at OHSU Stroke Clinic (still weird saying that!).  Other than that we have structured a few play dates for Ty with a couple of his friends!

Random Plan #1

Today (Sunday), after I woke up 10 minutes before Palm Sunday service (we live 2 blocks away) and went to 8am Mass, we asked our son what he wanted to do today. His reply, "I want to go to the beach on baycation (vacation) like we did with Auntie Mimi!" We did a little negotiation because, really that meant to Hawaii and we weren't going to make that deal come true. So Lincoln City, OR it was!  This was great. Caleb our youngest had been one or two times before with us but wasn't really mobile yet, so we packed extra clothes, buckets and shovels (what we could find) and a few snacks and headed out.  We don't live far from the beach within an hour or so driving distance.  Love where we live by the way about an hour from the snow/mountains and and hour or so from the beach and hour from big cities.  It seems kind of central when you think of it that way. 

Today we lucked out with the weather being mildly calm.  There was barely a wind, it was a little chilly, but the sun was out, there was blue sky with clouds and we were going to go play in the sand.  Our oldest loved rolling up his pants and ventured into the water (it was cold by the way). His feet turned red. Caleb my youngest ate sand, played in the sand with buckets and shovels, watched his brother in the water and tried to enter as well. We have video and pictures. 

My husband and I took turns taking adventurous walks with Ty.  We found a "lucky" penny on the sand, rocks, and at one point my husband found a few tiny rock crabs and picked them up to show Ty.  It was relaxing great and fun! We drove up and down the coastline on Hwy 101 and the kids took turns taking naps, snacking and talking.  What a fabulously great day!

I wonder what we will do next.  I know that this week is open to do whatever we would like to do. I hold nothing back and yet we can do nothing, hang out at home and just enjoy each others company and I would love that too. Enjoying my kids and my husband is a great thing.  I love to do whatever, whenever as long as they are a part of it with me!

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