Friday, November 21, 2014

Creative Christmas crafts

One of our kid Activities for Advent

I am trying some new crafts in preparation for my advent activities with my kids. Here is one and it is super easy and relatively inexpensive.  Cookie cutter ornaments. I was searching my Pinterest boards and came across the Martha Stewart cookie cutter ideas and instructions.  

I loved the chevron printed paper.  I purchased a packet of rustic Christmas paper packs which included some chevron printed paper seen here from Craft Warehouse our local craft store. 

I then purchased a few cookie cutters in various  colors.  I had thought I would spray paint them a shiny gold or silver for my tree but for the purposes of the kids advent craft activity I left the colors as is. 

I traced the outside of the cookie cutter and cut out the shapes. On a random note you could photo copy photographs on cardstock and do this activity as well. Next I used Elmer's white glue an added glue around the edge finally placing the cookie cutter on top.  I felt I needed some weight on top while  it was drying and it worked well.

Next I took some bakers twine I had handy and put a dab of hot glue to the back and placed the twine in it to act as a hanging apparatus.  Super easy and something I think depending on the age of your kiddos easily done. They could do all or parts and you could have all or parts prepped before hand if you so chose.  

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