Friday, November 21, 2014

Fall Birthday Fun

My youngest son has turned 3!

I am not quite sure where the time has gone but I do know that he has grown tremendously in the past three years.  In fact many think he is older because he is taller than what most would think a 3 year old would be.  I am curious to see where he falls on the charts but considering he comes up to my oldest son's shoulders (he's 6 going to be 7 soon) I'd say he is taller.  Which is great because quite frankly we don't have a ton of height in our  respective families.

That being said I thought it would be quite nice to have a birthday party at a farm. We have some friends who have a "Pumpkin Patch" farm and have an indoor hay maze, slide, big tire, wheat box (ie. like a sand box) and more tunnels to climb through. It is the perfect size for a bunch of kids and adults to have a party.

We were able to celebrate his birthday on the day of his birth which most often does not happen, but it fell on a Saturday.  We went to Green Bridges Gardens in Jefferson, Oregon. It is a great place! Honestly I love their produce store along with  the fresh apple cider.  So every time I go I pick up a gallon or two. 

The kids all had fun running themselves ragged.  They were all over the place, running from here to there, sliding down slides, or pretend playing in the wheat box.  Two hours of running, all the boys were exhausted and it didn't matter that it was cold outside. The first of many cold days to come.  It was a great inexpensive way to host a fall party.

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