Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Beginning of Advent~

Prepare the Way for the Lord~

This morning after mass I brought together my family and we discussed over our lit purple candle the beginning of Advent.  "The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light! (Isaiah 9:1-2) I shared with my kids (6 and 3). and we talked about preparing the way for Jesus' birth!

We are making sure that our children know the meaning of Christmas and keeping that at the heart of all that we do.  We discussed some things that we can do for each other to help others out who may not have what we have and we decided to join in some efforts this year.  I am so proud of my 6 year old for wanting to join in!

Preparing for our Celebration~

This weekend we began preparing for our own Christmas celebration.  The family helped to put up our Christmas lights out on the house and in the yard.  Each year we add one more thing to our display.  For me it is the wonderful feeling that the twinkle lights bring when you squint and see them all a blur in your mind.  We talked about the excitement that searching for Christmas lights on houses brings, the songs we sing in the car and all of the other Christmas sounds we hear!

Kids took silver Sharpie pens and colored in the pre-placed stencils
Once our Christmas lights were up on the house, the tree, bushes and the nativity and deer were up we left them lit, so that after dinner we could go outside and see them a glow! Next the kids were a bit antsy so we opened our first Advent Daily Countdown bag hanging on the frame.  Our first activity as a family! Today we were to make Tin (mason lids) ornaments. See below.  What fun we had! Super easy for the kids (a bit of prep work for Mom) but fun all together.

Even my 3 year old got the hang of it!


Cork cut outs with sticky backs ready to put in the tin lids.

Now to add the baker's twine with a hot glue gun!

The final lid rustic ornaments for the kid's tree!

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