Thursday, November 27, 2014

When it goes ALL wrong!

Perfectionist? I think...maybe?

I love it when things come together.  Love events, planning, hosting parties, and most likely am the person that will host Thanksgiving each year, or go all out on creating crafts.  I love Pinterest. I love the ideas that I get especially when it comes to making  things that look expensive.  A few years ago I found several frames on sale at my local Craft Warehouse.  I bought a few.  One I used as a photo prop with our family photos and then I saw something on Pinterest.   It was this framed piece of art which had a deer in chalk on the glass that had been painted with black chalkboard paint. I loved the look but didn't want the chance that the chalk would get rubbed off.  So I came up with a different idea (hoping it would come together). 

I took the glass and sprayed it with black matte spray paint. (let it dry for several days).  Then I took the silhouette stencil I made with my Silhouette Cameo machine and placed it over the top.  It was then I think I should have done something differently. Like maybe use the non-painted side to place the sticky stencil.  I left the project for a day or so (life got in the way as it should :-)).  I had my husband find at our local Bi-Mart some gold and silver glitter spray paint (I love that stuff).  I covered the outer part with plastic bags to protect the black painted part.  Then I sprayed!

It was covered in silver glitter spray paint!

I was careful to pull the sticky stencil off of the painted glass but alas a large chunk of the spray paint pulled off.  So I decided to take some black spray paint again and cover it.. NOT a HUGE mistake.  Immediately it crackled and became worse.  I tried it again.  UGH (wouldn't you learn the first time?) Not me. 

I so want to add a RED nose (could be a cute Rudolph)

So here's what I have.  It will look good in the frame.  BUT I HATE it because I don't like the mistakes. I am still trying to figure out how I can save this.. Hmm or I guess I could just start over!  What do you think?  Share with me your ideas.. Can it be remedied?

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