Friday, May 4, 2012

Sometimes I wear!

You know "they" make rubber bracelets with every little saying you can imagine. Companies sell them to make money, places buy them to support causes and share their messages as well as to raise money.  I have accumulated many of these bracelets each with a different meaning behind them.

I have adorned my "pink one" to support those who are battling cancers, joining those in solidarity.

I have adorned my "blue Liam The Dragon Slayer" in honor of my friends son who passed away at an early age after fighting his own battle of leukemia.

I wear my "Virtue First" bracelet to support our school district's character building program.

And my second newest one "believe" in support of a fourth grade student who was ill this year at my sons school but has now returned  after two months or more in the children's hospital.

But today, I chose to wear my  "Spread the word to end the word" bracelet.  I received this bracelet a few weeks ago at the Special Services Directors meeting I attend monthly. That particular meeting the Special Olympics representative was presenting to all 21 constituent districts about their various programs.  The representative left with us a variety of things to give away throughout the meeting, but EVERYONE received the bracelet.

What does this bracelet represent?  This is a program that is called R-Word/Spread the Word to End the Word.  This campaign is addressing the use of the derogatory word "retard" and asking people to pledge to not use this word because of the effects it has on families and people who have special needs.  It explains what the R-word is and its use is a problem.  Join me in making the pledge! Click the link above and make the pledge!

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