Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day Two Appreciate Who? TEACHERS

As an educator myself, it is not about the gifts that kids or parents give to you, though the small acts of kindness makes it all worth while for sure, but it is about making an impact on our world for the better.  Despite the state of our educational funding or lack there of, teachers in the trenches give their hearts and souls to our kids. They spend extra time on weekends, nights and unpaid summer leaves to provide the best lessons for our students to learn from.  Take a moment and share a huge Thank You to a teacher this week.

Day 2

So excited about the second day of gift giving.  This is a gift that is super cute.  Found this idea from...... posted on TipJunkie.com as well.  Take a look at this particular crafty desktop item.

Small 3X3 Canvas (Craftwarehouse $1 each)
Samll woodend easl (craftwarehouse $1 each)
Chalkboard paint (Craftwarehouse $3.99 for a can) didn't use much so we will call that around $1.00 too for this project)
Chalk (Dollar Store: 1$)
Total Cost $4.00 for two gifts

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