Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Three Day Weekend Fun~!

Sorry all it has been a few days since my last blog. Again motherhood, working and other things have all gotten in the way of blogging but not party planning.  I am currently working to plan an end of the year preschool party! Theme:  SUMMER FUN! (more on that later).  But first I want to give all of you who have cast one vote or voted daily for my blog on the Top 25 Party Planning Moms a HUGE  thank you! It means a tremendous amount and I can't wait to share what becomes of being part of the top 25. The voting is not over and remember you can vote daily for the next 9 days. Keep it up! You can either click the link HERE or the badge link on my home page up in the right hand corner.

Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend my husband and I took the kids East and spent some time in Bend.  You know how the best laid plans don't always work out well that was our weekend.  We did however have some fun.  First the weather was ridiculous. It was supposed to be sunny and warmer than what it had been except that it had snowed (YES I SAID SNOWED) early Friday morning.  So when we arrived it was wet, rainy and cold. Oh but we were gonna do some fishin! We went to our favorite twin lake for part of the day and fished in the rain. We had one bite!

We went to the High Desert Museum. I had never been to this place and was unsure of what would be in store or even if my four year old would like it.  Oddly enough this was the best place to spend a few long hours letting him explore and learn about wildlife, the forestry weather service, and play!

There was so much to do! We helped an old settler's town do their daily chores, saw Smokey the Bear, played with the weather station, tried to climb a rock wall (Ty did well with that) saw all the Birds of Prey, Otters, Bobcats, Lynx and other desert reptiles!

A good tip for parents: It is a bit expensive for admission but you can return as many times as you want throughout the same day until a certain time. So go when it opens. It opens 9 am daily! Be there first anyway because by 11:30 the parking lot is full and you will be fighting crowds.  Four year old's and younger are free admission (so that saved us a few bucks).

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