Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What a great party idea!

Recently my husband and attended several school auctions. As an educator I feel it important to support both financially and with our presence through volunteering our kids and community kids with their own educational adventures.

I am always planning my kids' parties! My son who is four who doesn't have a birthday until January 2013 loves the fire trucks, all trucks really and he is in to Lego's too! However, while at the last auction my husband bid and purchased a birthday party! How do you do that and what party might you ask would this be? Well we purchased a "Fireman's Birthday Party".

A friend of mine donated the items.  It is like a party in a box. Comes complete with a Fire Truck pinata, napkins, coordinating cups, Fireman's hats, party favors and invitations. AND the best part of all the local fire department will pick your kiddo up in the Fire Truck and drive them to the station where the party will be located.  Now of course being a party planning mother, I  know I must add a few things to this party!

So I have a venue, I have favors, invitations, among other things, I need: cupcakes, home made cupcake toppers which I am going to use my Cameo Silhouette to help out. I have already picked an image that I will print and cut out with the machine and tape to toothpicks. Once complete I will amend this post and share! Minimal decorations will be needed, because of the venue itself but I will need to speak to the fire department and see what type of tables there will be and then I will plan the table decor! So there you have it a birthday party which we paid way too much for that is partially complete but that supports both educational  settings in our community and will be a ton of fun for my son and 9 of his friends at some point. Not sure if we will do this for his 5 year old party or one year later because of the car seat issue. I don't really think they allow booster seats in the fire trucks. Another thing to figure out. LOL

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